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If at this point you do not own a Google Chrome, then it’s time to fix that by installing this power browser to your Windows Operating System. To begin enjoying this tool, you need to know if it truly fits your needs.

Google Chrome is not just any normal browser; it’s a go-to browser for billions of people around the world. It can be relied upon to perform several tasks incapable by other web browsers. It’s lightweight, feature-packed, and above all, fun to explore.

How Beneficial is Google Chrome to You?

Chrome can accelerate your access to other websites by storing your login details securely. It will also log you into these websites automatically, taking away the hassle of having to log in manually. To top it off, Chrome updates its security features at least every six weeks, making sure that you are worry-free when surfing the web. These updates keep you safe as it uses the newest security standards to protect your data and to browse history. Apart from the 6-weekly security updates, Chrome included an automatic 24-hour bug fix to tackle any inconveniences users might experience while using the browser daily.

Another helpful security feature offered by Google Chrome is the ability to prevent unauthorized third-parties access to your private information. Say goodbye to spyware, malware, phishing, and many other dangerous viruses preying on your web history as Chrome is engineered to block them off. It basically, secludes any infected website and prevents users from accessing those URLs. Using Sandboxing technology, Chrome ensures that any system failure does not spread to the entire system, and in most cases, it presents a possible solution to these problems. As for advanced PC users or web developers, Chrome can be useful for testing your projects as well.

Apart from the top security options offered by Google Chrome, users get to benefit from an extensive collection of Google built-ins. These built-ins, include the ability to find direct answers via the address bar. Usually, users had to enter their inquiries through the Search bar, but with this new Address bar tool, you can type in any query straight on the address bar and get an automatic response as on the Search bar. Another Google built-in feature is the Google Translate option. With the use of Google Translate, you can communicate with anyone from around the world. You can also access any website, regardless of its original language of the content. With a simple click on the preferred translation option, you can have an entire web page translated into the language you understand. Cool right? That’s not all!

If you want to hide your identity and IP while browsing online, you can do that easily via the control button located on the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Just navigate to ‘New Incognito window’ and voila! While using the incognito mode, all your searches, cookies, caches, and everything that attracts trackers and spies are completely wiped off and deleted. That way, your private data remains private, and you are safe from unauthorized third-parties.

Thanks to Ad-blockers which are part of the Google built-in package, users can prevent ads from disrupting the smooth web surfing experience. It means that page-takeovers, auto-played videos, and the likes are automatically blocked from popping up on your screen. Chrome’s built-in features enhance your web browsing experience and ensure that you have a jolly ride while surfing the net.

With Google Chrome, you can make use of add-ons optimize your browsing experience. All the extensions are easily accessible through the settings and help you to personalize and take full control of the features suitable for you. There are more than 150,000 Google Chrome add-ons that can revolutionize the way you surf the internet. Furthermore, web pages load quickly, as well as, HD images and video content.

As already mentioned, Chrome is lightweight, yet it has several powerful features and options to optimize your browsing experience. It doesn’t use up significant memory space and as a result, does not slow down the overall performance of your PC. Chrome is compatible with all kinds of devices and can be manipulated by all PC users, whether they are a beginner or an advanced PC user. Chrome is equally supported by multiple languages and as such, accessible to billions of people around the world. This simple, yet powerful open-source browser, is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 64-bit.

Key Features of Google Chrome Include:

  • Simple user interface;
  • Access to a broad user community;
  • Customizable user interface;
  • Easy to install and set up;
  • Supports multiple languages;
  • Supports instant translations of web pages;
  • Provides users with a vast collection of over 150,000 extensions;
  • It optimizes web pages and increases loading speed;
  • The ability to sync all your accounts on one device;
  • Accessible by all kinds of devices;
  • Blocks access to dangerous websites;
  • Warns against spyware and malware;
  • Uses Sandboxing technology;
  • Offers ad-blockers;
  • Provides automatic 24-hour bug fixes;
  • Updates the security tool every six weeks;
  • Security while surfing the net;
  • Small file size of only 133KB(136,080 bytes);
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 64-bit.


Google Chrome is no doubt a browser that has stood the test of time. It is upgraded continuously to serve users better. It’s open source and has an active user community with answers to any technical issues. Chrome supports several add-ons and easily customizable Google built-ins to enhance user experience. Overall, Google Chrome is considered to be the most reliable browser in the world, and with its compatibility with multiple Windows Operating Systems as well as devices, you will hardly find a reason not to give Chrome a try.

What's new in 79.0.3945.45 Beta version?

  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.45 by chrome-release-bot · 28 hours ago
  • [Status Chip] Add tooltip message for the credit card icon. by siyua · 29 hours ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.44 by chrome-release-bot · 31 hours ago
  • Revert "[omnibox] Handle suggestions with zero relevance vs tail suggestions" by Krishna Govind · 32 hours ago
  • [omnibox] Handle suggestions with zero relevance vs tail suggestions by Kevin Bailey · 32 hours ago
  • 3945: chrome_cleaner: ensure internal targets are reachable from :gn_all. by John Budorick · 32 hours ago
  • [JJI] Removes implicit rules for allowedOriginRules by Shimi Zhang · 33 hours ago
  • Add GetWidget overrides to ExternalProtocolDialog, fix keyboard lock by Emily Stark · 34 hours ago
  • [omnibox] Make on device model serving instance creation asynchronous. by Ce Chen · 35 hours ago
  • [M79 Merge]Show modal warning for saved password for low rep. by Bettina · 35 hours ago
  • Revert "[profile-menu] Update promo strings (no GAIA account)" by David Roger · 36 hours ago
  • [M79 Merge] Change Defaults of RelaunchNotificationPeriod, RelaunchHeadsUpPeriod, and RelaunchGracePeriod by Aya ElAttar · 36 hours ago
  • [Merge to M79] Fix the tab dragging issue in clamshell mode. by Xiaoqian Dai · 2 days ago
  • [AdTagging] Experiment with only looking at the top of the stack by Josh Karlin · 2 days ago
  • Fix comparator in CacheStorageScheduler by David Benjamin · 2 days ago
  • Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch 3945 by Ben Mason · 2 days ago
  • Make PPAPI mouse event use last_mouse_position to calculate movement by Ella Ge · 2 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.43 by chrome-release-bot · 2 days ago
  • [App Management] Fix non existent call of a function. by Jeevan Shikaram · 2 days ago
  • Exit tab group title editing when entering TabGridDialog selection mode by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Introduce TabGroupsContinuation feature flag by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.42 by chrome-release-bot · 2 days ago
  • Enable drag-and-drop for StartSurface variations without MRU ordering by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Fix TabGridDialog back press misbehavior by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Fix hi-dpi transitions on Catalina by Christopher Cameron · 2 days ago
  • TabGroups naming polish by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Fix a strict mode violation when initializing IPH animation by Yue Zhang · 2 days ago
  • Merge 3945: Prevent `system-ui` to match `@font-face` by Koji Ishii · 2 days ago
  • [Merge to M79] x11: Fix regression in Neo layout 4th layer keys decoding by Nick Diego Yamane · 2 days ago
  • Show the Google G when scrolling down on the NTP by Brandon Wylie · 2 days ago
  • CrOS: Enable Release Notes notifiction on login. by Yulun Wu · 2 days ago
  • Fix for incorrect status view padding when verbose text is visible by Brandon Wylie · 2 days ago
  • CrOS: Move Release Notes Notification and Suggestion Chip behind feature flag by Yulun Wu · 2 days ago
  • Update cookie bubble string about blocked cookies by Christian Dullweber · 2 days ago
  • Update incognito NTP string about blocked cookies by Christian Dullweber · 2 days ago
  • Add null check in -[NativeWidgetMacNSWindow saveRestorableState] by Christopher Cameron · 2 days ago
  • In fullscreen mode, pass <esc> to outmost WebContents. by W. James MacLean · 2 days ago
  • [m79] Remove ExcludeSchemeFromRequestInitiatorSiteLockChecks. by Lukasz Anforowicz · 2 days ago
  • Fix ownership of BluetoothAdapter in BluetoothDeviceChooserController by Reilly Grant · 2 days ago
  • Fix OOB in OnBluetoothScanningPromptEvent by Ovidio Henriquez · 2 days ago
  • Only call DiscoveryStopped once when discovery stops by jameshollyer · 2 days ago
  • Check null return for CreateTextureWrapper by Ted Meyer · 2 days ago
  • [Previews] Moves local blocklist check to after other triggering checks by Doug Arnett · 2 days ago
  • Don't update match icons when the popup isn't open. by Peter Kasting · 2 days ago
  • Make In-proc NetworkService honor params by Min Qin · 2 days ago
  • [StartSurface] Inflate vector drawable ic_arrow_right on lower android by gogerald · 2 days ago
  • Move wpt-metadata-builder pre-processing step out of a BUILD action and into by Luke Zielinski · 2 days ago
  • [Merge to M79] chromeos: Use correct NotSupported shill error name by Oleh Lamzin · 2 days ago
  • [Merge to M79] chromeos: clear not supported devices on new MAC address source by Oleh Lamzin · 2 days ago
  • GLRenderer: Reset VertexAttribArray after Skia by Vasiliy Telezhnikov · 3 days ago
  • Avoid renaming of fully synced devices in SharingUtils by Alex Chau · 3 days ago
  • [crash] Ensure that CrashpadHandlerMain is exported for trampoline by Tobias Sargeant · 3 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.41 by chrome-release-bot · 3 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.40 by chrome-release-bot · 4 days ago
  • [App Management] Display no permissions label for ARC apps. by Jeevan Shikaram · 5 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.39 by chrome-release-bot · 5 days ago
  • [M79] device/fido: increase device (and thus caBLE) timeout to 20 seconds. by Adam Langley · 5 days ago
  • [Merge to M79] DevTools: Revert Make add button in color-picker accessible by Chandani Shrestha · 5 days ago
  • [Merge to M79] DevTools: Revert: DevTools: Fix NVDA screen reader Enter keypress hiding settings pane by Brian Cui · 5 days ago
  • Fix crashes and leaks in ServiceProcessHost by Ken Rockot · 5 days ago
  • Overview: Remove a debugging log. by Sammie Quon · 5 days ago
  • Applist: Remove debugging log. by Sammie Quon · 5 days ago
  • Separate ignored states into their own SafetyTipStatii. by Joe DeBlasio · 5 days ago
  • [Upstream Feedback] BugFix: Fix the issue that address cannot be saved. by siyua · 5 days ago
  • Revert "Enable NativeWinOcclusion by default." by David Bienvenu · 5 days ago
  • Safety Tips: Update default lookalike parameter values to enabled. by Joe DeBlasio · 5 days ago
  • If the high confidence list isn't ready, call it a MATCH. by Varun Khaneja · 5 days ago
  • Wake lock: Do not dispatch events if the context has been destroyed. by Raphael Kubo da Costa · 6 days ago
  • Fix a crash in AutofillPopupViewNativeViews. by Vasilii Sukhanov · 6 days ago
  • [M79] Update screen sharing system permisison heuristic for macOS Catalina. by Guido Urdaneta · 6 days ago
  • Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch 3945 by Ben Mason · 6 days ago
  • Add not restored tabs to recently closed. by Olivier Robin · 6 days ago
  • Don't rely on a real instance of ChromePasswordManagerClient in tests by Ioana Pandele · 6 days ago
  • [PWM Onboarding]Add new password onboarding pref to fix feature check by Ioana Pandele · 6 days ago
  • Change the landing URL for checking password breach by Vasilii Sukhanov · 6 days ago
  • Multidevice setup: Set overflow to visible in the session. by Roman Sorokin · 6 days ago
  • [CrOS Updates] Fix bug which suppresses "update available" notification. by Kyle Horimoto · 6 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.38 by chrome-release-bot · 6 days ago
  • Add CanCommitOriginAndUrl() exception for 'no access' URLs. by Aaron Colwell · 6 days ago
  • Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch 3945 by Ben Mason · 6 days ago
  • [Merge to M-79] Added VLOG to trace the bug where switching users with both having sunset-to-sunrise schedules may not apply NL correctly by yjliu · 6 days ago
  • Uprev rtanalytics-light/full to min_env_version 15.0 by Luke Sorenson · 6 days ago
  • Add Click to Call enterprise policy. by Richard Knoll · 6 days ago
  • Fix NotBlockedExternalUserProviders by Dominique Fauteux-Chapleau · 6 days ago
  • [Merge M79][WebLayer] Only use english translations of component strings by Clark DuVall · 6 days ago
  • [WebLayer M79] Merge weblayer changes since f1f38b7457 by Clark DuVall · 6 days ago
  • Revert policy ID changes in the merge to M79 for WebRtcLocalIpsAllowedUrls. by Qingsi Wang · 6 days ago
  • [libusb] Fix racy UAF in libusb_get_next_timeout by Reilly Grant · 6 days ago
  • [Start Surface] Fix crash on selecting suggestion from omnibox. by Mia Glaese · 6 days ago
  • Update minimum length for edit distance matching. by Joe DeBlasio · 6 days ago
  • [Android WebAPKs] increase shell update check version to 116 by Henry Jian · 7 days ago
  • Start requesting updates to shell apk v109 by Henry Jian · 7 days ago
  • Use plane.stirde rather than plane.size as gbm buffer width for BLOB format by Wei Lee · 7 days ago
  • Chrome OS GetHelp: Don't crash on the lock screen. by Roman Sorokin · 7 days ago
  • [App Management] Add UMA. by Jeevan Shikaram · 7 days ago
  • [CrOS Network] Fix broken connections to EAP-TLS Wi-Fi networks. by Kyle Horimoto · 7 days ago
  • Shelf: Map sync pinned camera app id to internal id by Kuo Jen Wei · 7 days ago
  • [Android WebAPKs] apply mask to adaptive icon in notification by Henry Jian · 7 days ago
  • Incrementing VERSION to 79.0.3945.37 by chrome-release-bot · 7 days ago
  • [Files ranking] Fix bug: zero state result persist to search by tby · 7 days ago
  • [M79] Use the right modifier and 4cc format to test overlays by Mark Yacoub · 7 days ago
  • Revert "Relax NV12 format rejection for exo" by Mitsuru Oshima · 7 days ago
  • [M79] login: Revert account switching on focus in lock screen. by Darren Shen · 7 days ago
  • Compute baseLatency at construction and cache the value by Raymond Toy · 7 days ago
  • [Autofill Assistant] Pass default email to Model by sandromaggi · 8 days ago
  • [Autofill Assistant] Improve UI for logins. Add missing a11y strings. by Clemens Arbesser · 8 days ago
  • [Autofill Assistant] Add optional image and text to full overlay. by Clemens Arbesser · 8 days ago
  • Reland "Allow dialogs over the bottom sheet with custom scrim lifecycle" by Clemens Arbesser · 8 days ago
  • Allow to access Kerberos files and Mach services. by Robert Sesek · 8 days ago


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