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The word SIW represents Systems information for Windows, and it is a useful application that tries to offer you a complete report on your software and hardware components that are inside your PC. It is a tool that carries out an inspection of your system configuration and shows it in a detailed manner. 

The Systems information for Windows is a program that is handy and offers a combined list of hardware, software, and network info that are well organized and simple to read. Whether as a system administrator or ordinary user, there are some cases that might involve knowing what you have in your system. 

There are lots of applications that can help you perform such a task, but only a few of them can show the complete reports. One of these tools is SIW, a renowned piece of application that examines even the innermost features of your PC. You can also get the msinfo.exe., executable inside the Windows if you are in search of easy access.

How Can SIW Help You?

The application is easy to install, and the user interface is quite spontaneous and, most without doubt, user-friendly. Whether as a beginner or a professional user, it is simple to make use of SIW. Once you launch in your PC, you get familiar with a long list of different features and categories that are found in Windows, such as hardware, software, and other network-related.

The system information is divided into a few major groups, such as software information, hardware information, network information, and tools.

  • Software information: Software Licenses, Environment, Running Processes, Audio and Video Codecs, Event Viewer, Installed Programs, etc.
  • Hardware information: Battery and Power Policy, System Slots, Memory, Motherboard, Monitor, Storage Devices, Printers, etc.               
  • Network information: Connections, Statistics, Shares, Open Ports, etc.
  • Tools: Remote Licenses, Hosts Scan, Windows Folder, etc.

The application analyzes every part of your PC and assembles thorough info about the properties of your system and settings and shows it in an exceptionally understandable manner. This program can also generate a report file such as CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON. This allows you to operate it in batch mode for Software License Management, Server Configuration Management, Security Audit, Computer Inventory, and Software and Network Information.

Basic info regarding Windows operating system completely, such as activation status, installation time, builds version, missing updates, and the operating software root directory. All these system files and directories such as program files folders, hosts directory, and others act a key finder application by showing licenses of more than 150 different programs such as Microsoft Office programs, Adobe products, and Windows product key.

It allows several printers with their port on their capabilities, and their paper size can also be detected. The security info that displays audit policy, and also firewall info alongside antivirus programs are being installed. Other local groups, domains, and systems come without their full details.

It also shows a list of all the applications that have been installed with their various features, sizes, and number. The battery laptop, manufacturer and date, unique ID, allowed voltage, and the remaining charge is displayed. Even the passwords in some software that can't be seen due to the fact they are being hidden with asterisks are seen. The detailed processor info such as logical and physical processor, the cache size, turbo boost is being displayed with the help of SIW.

SIW views all the list of current and shared loaded DLLs, shell extensions, installed driver, ActiveX components, scheduled task, and the entire item that runs when the Windows begin. The vendor for other components like BIOS, CPU, RAM, and motherboard info are examined. There is live monitoring of memory and CPU.

The number of memory slots inside the motherboard together is being used or unlock the momentum of the memory sticks, and the complete capacity of the RAM. It gives detailed information on devices such as display adapters, Bluetooth radios, DVD/CD-ROM drives, imaging devices, monitors, network adapters, pointing devices, and serial bus controllers.

A valid disk drive and serial number also show details like either or not. It is read-only. It supports other disk quotas and checks whether it enables file-based compression, in the middle of other things.

SIW shows the model number for disk drives, storage devices, motherboard, network info such as connection speed, RAS connections, shared resources, an interface's model, networked computers, and public and private IP addresses.

This program allows you to learn more about audio and video codecs, network information, memory, storage devices, installed programs, CPU info. SIW can help you do this absolutely well. You can also decide to generate a report file that can be useful in the future. For instance, when you want to carry out a comparison between statistics, there is an address changer for both LAN and wireless connection.

You can also confirm the latest CPU and the space the memory of your system has used. As long as customization is concerned, you can carry out a function directly from the Options window. You can access this place if you to customize the way reports and warnings are being displayed on your Windows. System information for Windows can operate in Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Key Features of SIW Include:

  • Speedy setup.
  • Neatly organized user-friendly interface.
  • A large software and hardware information.
  • Create reports and configuration settings.
  • Support for other languages.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Creating a quick report.
  • Extremely detailed with information.
  • Possession of a summary page.
  • Relatively small in size (3MB).
  • Ability to copy a collection of texts to clipboard.


System information for Windows can perform a meticulous background check on your laptop, computer, and desktop. The application itself is not devastating, but the collection of detailed information it shows is valuable. The program is handy and offers a combined list of hardware, software, and network info that are well organized and simple to read.

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