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The device drivers’ locations are shown on the main viewer with a scroller, enabling users to check out the list from top to bottom easily. For each respective driver, there is a host of information shown on the single interface. Information including: the load address of the driver, description of the driver, product name, particular version, the company that designed the driver, and much more.

How DriverView helps to boost your PC

Drivers are necessary for your computer to run smoothly. It is useful to be able to view all the drivers you have installed. Your device manager on Windows makes this information available to you, however, getting a thorough and a complete list of drivers can be very difficult. You will have to manually make a note of the information you need after working your way through a sea of dialogs. Needless to explain how exhausting that process is.

There is good news for Windows users, with the DriverView software, you are offered a more hassle-free solution that will not only list all of the installed drivers, but provide you with a range of useful information about each of them. This information includes the name of the driver, its associated files, version numbers, and advanced information such as memory location and file attributes. DriverView works with Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and server 2003/2008. This software is engineered to keep a permanent record of the state of your drivers as it generates an HTML report that you can save or print out.

Key Features of DriverView Include:

  • See a detailed list of each driver that is installed into the Windows system;
  • It is a standalone software meaning that it doesn't require any installation process;
  • Supports scrolling down the list to find an appropriate driver;
  • Displays all the data about the installed drivers, like addresses, descriptions, version numbers, product names, and the company which developed it;
  • It allows you to select one or more drivers from the list, copy the details of these drivers to clipboard, and save them as TEXT or HTML file formats.

Bottom line

DriverView is a useful software that helps you to keep an eye on your hardware as well as check the state of your drivers. It is a tool that you will make use of time and time again.

What's new in 1.47 version?

  • Fixed to display the correct driver version on Windows 10


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  • Last Updated: 2019-07-16
  • Developer: Nir Sofer
  • Homepage: www.nirsoft.net
  • Version: 1.47
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