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MouseImp Pro is a handy tool that enables you to make use of your conventional mouse more efficiently. It makes it possible for you to shrink Windows temporarily. By removing the scroll bar, you get more screen space. The program works similarly as Adobe Acrobat, which you will find very intuitive (grab and drag the page itself). This can as well be inverted, and it works exactly as the scroll bars do. 

Why is MouseImp Pro Beneficial to PC Users?

MouseImp Pro is packed with a vast variety of helpful features such as the ‘Auto Shrink’ feature which increases your available workspace by removing toolbars from the screen so that only caption bars remain, in other words, it collapses windows to just the ‘Direct Scroll’ feature that eases the process of scrolling through Windows. Instead of using a scroll bar, you can activate MouseImp and scroll by simply moving the mouse up or down anywhere on the screen. The ‘Direct scroll’ feature is one of MouseImp’s most interesting features as it allows single-move scrolling in internet browsing, text viewing and editing, image processing and other applications. There is a need to move the cursor to scroll bars and back. Simply click in scrollable are and hold right (left or middle-you choose) mouse button and the cursor changes to ^ or >, scroll in your desired direction. 

MouseImp Pro is a successor of MouseImp which became widely-known all over the world. The wishes of many users were considered in this brand new version of MouseImp, and many enhancements have been put in place, making it quicker and more dependable. Its unique features are designed to make your work easier and a lot more productive. 

MouseImp Pro adds drag-scrolling to your mouse in many popular applications including Windows Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Office apps. Meaning that you can scroll any supporting document by clicking and dragging inside the window just like you can with PDFs by long pressing on the right-click button (by default) and then dragging. 

Except for the control window, the application does not come equipped with its own interface, and it does not require much configuring. For the most part, the application stays hidden in the system tray. With the control window, you can adjust the speed and configure trigger buttons. You can also opt for a classic control which can only be activated if the dedicated button is held, toggle control to activate or deactivate the ‘direct scroll’ option, or a mix control which unites them both. 

It is important to know that activation can only be carried out by one of your mouse buttons, with the probability of setting a slower scroll speed for a certain period to bring about precision in movement. If you are using the toggle mode, this tool allows you to set a button to disable the function. The available buttons are limited to the ones that your mouse is equipped with and a couple of special keyboard buttons without the possibility of setting custom combinations. The horizontal scrolling function will come in handy if your mouse has no tilt wheel function. The application has been tested with Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit and found to be entirely safe and functional.

Key Features of MouseImp Pro Include:

  • Enhances the functionality of your mouse
  • Can enhance your workspace in a full-screen mode
  • Trigger buttons
  • Classic control
  • Direct scroll
  • Auto Shrink


To give you the possibility to enhance the functionality of your mouse for ease of use and comfort, MouseImp Pro is a free software product and is fully functional for an unlimited time. The main aim of the application is to make navigation in significant content seamless and more effective. You can run MouseImp Pro on all modern Windows Operating systems. It does not bring much to the table in terms of innovation and ease of access, and you might spend a lot of time carefully configuring options. And getting acclimated to stereotypical scrolling patterns that are not disabled while the application enables its own. MouseImp Pro is 100% certified, 100% clean to download, contains no spyware, no adware, and no viruses.

What's new in version?

  • Fixed IE9 and IE10 Protected Mode behavior in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
  • Tested with Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit


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