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ABC-Deploy is FREE quality software Automated Software Deployment. Automated Hardware and Software inventory Distribute all types of management tasks to computers as well as to end users. This allow you to install any type of software to your client systems, and also to create and maintain user profiles for that software. Support all MS Windows 32 or 64 bit versions since Windows 2000 Very easy to manage and use Task definition and assignment is made very simple. In most cases installing software like for instance Adobe Acrobat Reader only requires you to name the task, and supply the path to a .MSI file All needed error handling and logging activity are fully automated Real time client activity view Read computer objects from Windows AD You will be able to manage the ABC-Deploy agent, or perform other management tasks by just clicking the computer name Collect deep HW and SW information Deploy using any technology - .MSI, .MSP, .Reg, .Vbs . . . . Query based target selection Options to redeploy tasks, or only a part of a task Blacklist option - Blacklisted client computers will never receive deployment tasks Remote tools: - Integrated remote control - Start / Shutdown / Reboot Client Computers - Remote registry - Disk access - Remote MMC management console

What's new in 8.3.1 version?

Deploy software, patches and management tasks to client computers. HW and SW Inventory


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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-14
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