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If you have ever tried going somewhere completely new and had no idea how to get there, then you are one of the millions of people who have enjoyed the services of Google Map. And then there are times when you cannot access Google map because of lack of internet connection, poor connection, or for whatever reason. There is some good news for those who wish to access Google maps for directions without waiting at the mercies of a good internet connection. You can download and install this reliable tool to help you access Google Map whenever you please, and from the comfort of your computer.

Google Maps Downloader is an excellent program that will enable users to download and view the downloaded maps straight from their computers. It comes with a user-friendly interface suitable for both newbie or advanced PC users. The settings are customizable, and you will generally now have a hard time navigating this tool.

Why is Google Maps Downloader Essential for PC owners?

As already mentioned, this software is more than just a Google Maps Downloader, meaning you can do more with it than downloading locations to view offline. It comes with a Maps Viewer as well, enabling users to view their offline maps easily.

Downloading and installing this application is pretty straightforward, so no worries there if you have no technical skills whatsoever. Simply download the program from its official website, and then click on the downloaded file to run. During the installation process, there are no options to customize, again, making the application manageable for beginners. There is an option to create a desktop icon, which is pretty standard for easy accessibility to the software. There is also a ‘Readme File,’ which is advisable not to uncheck the box, as this will be a guide to properly using this application after launch. After installations, you can go ahead and begin downloading bits of maps for specific locations of your choice.

When you launch the Google Maps Downloader application, the ‘Readme file’ is automatically opened alongside the application. You should go through the ‘Readme file,’ if you still find the software difficult to grasp.

On the main display window of Google Maps Downloader, the menus - Files, Options, Tools, and Help are arranged at the top panel. Also, there is a box for your project name which is the images downloaded. These Google Map images are saved in a specific file format - GMD. If you wish to access the images on some of the popular image formats, then you will have to convert it with a different application.

To download a Google Map image successfully, you will need to input the left and right longitude, as well as the top and bottom latitude. Unfortunately, this application does not support the drag-and-drop feature which would have made your task much more manageable. You also need to specify the zoom level, and the threads count - this is essential at this stage, as you are not allowed to zoom in and out of an already downloaded image. After that, specify where you’d like your image saved to on your PC, and then proceed to the ‘Download’ button to complete the process.

It’s important to note that all the images downloaded are in bits or small tiles, and can be viewed directly on the built-in Map Viewer. However, you can use the ‘Combine Maps’ tool to combine a set of small images into one big BMP map. Simply select ‘Tools’ on the toolbar, then select ‘combine Maps,’ locate your file on the local storage, and then combine.

Google Maps Downloader is not freeware and as such, cannot be shared freely or used for commercial purposes. To use the images downloaded for Google Maps Downloader, the user must pay a specific fee for each license.

Google Maps Downloader supports Windows operating systems, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7.

Key Features of Google Maps Downloader Include:

  • It comes with a built-in Maps Viewer;
  • It supports Windows Operating Systems, including Win7;
  • You can combine downloaded maps;
  • You can convert Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds;
  • Users can view the log with the F12 hotkey;
  • Supports download of single images;
  • You can specify your desired storage on your PC;
  • Has a guide for new users;
  • Downloads Google Maps with speed and accuracy;
  • Users can download the longitude and latitude of any location;
  • It has a lightweight interface and suitable for new PC users;
  • Access to Google Maps in an offline mode;
  • Does not require customizations;
  • Ideal for educational purposes.


Overall, Google Maps Downloader is an excellent desktop application for downloading and accessing Google Maps images offline. It’s suitable for all sorts of users, whether you have any geographical knowledge or not. Just carry out a simple Google Search for the coordinates of your specified location and input the values on the matching boxes. It comes in handy for those who frequently experience poor internet connection or who fly quite often. It can also be used for educational purposes without sanction.

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