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Car or truck drivers understand the essence of finding the best route to get to their destination. Most people rely on the navigation system or some just master the art of memorizing routes. Well, if you are not the latter, then you want a tool that will make navigation easier. Lucky for you, ExpertGPS is one of those applications that will help you get to your destination stress-free.

This application is not only suitable for car or truck drivers, as it’s also perfect for mountain Bikers, Hunters, Courier services, and other people who are fond of tracking.

How is ExpertGPS Beneficial to Windows Users?

Firstly, the user interface is neat and intuitive. It will be improbable for users to get lost or confused, albeit, the application is feature-rich. All the main menus are neatly displayed on the toolbar. It has everything a user will need to plan their route, mark important locations, as well as perform a myriad of tasks comfortably.

Users can open an existing image, edit them, and save them to a designated file on their PC. You can also import data from other programs, add a scanned paper or digital map, as well as Geotagging a photo. Checking for more details about a particular GPX file is also supported; which is pretty useful in case you want to find a specific data about your map. ExpertGPS even supports printing out of Maps, List, Geocache, and the setup of the software.

ExpertGPS supports conversion of data to other formats, importing Shapefile, DXF, Excel CVS formats, as well as copying and pasting directly from Excel. Users can even change the coordinate format easily.

Furthermore, there is a ‘Go’ feature, that allows you to navigate between addresses, Active Points, Coordinates, Countries, Townships, Ranges, Sections, and so on. You can view them online or via the Google Earth application.

ExpertGPS allows users to send or receive data to and from GPS. You can even enable real-time GPS tracking to show your current position, display satellite, clock, speedometer, altimeter, and course. Furthermore, you can navigate to Active Point or the GPS destination.

As for the waypoints used in marking important locations of the map, users can easily mark a new waypoint on the map, view the list of all the marked waypoints, or clear the active points to create a new one. You should know that this software supports the ‘draw’ tool which can be useful for drawing new routes on the map.

You can also draw a new track or shape on the map, view the list of tracks and shapes, reverse the direction of the track, remove gaps in the track, and measure distance or speed along a specific track.

ExpertGPS has all the tools to make your life more convenient. You can move, zoom, select, recenter, write notes, scissors, draw routes, create shapes, add waypoints, and tracks. You can even perform all these tasks using specific hotkeys.

Another appealing thing about ExpertGPS is that it supports a vast array of maps. It supports street maps, Aerial photos, Base maps, as well as Topological maps(although this option is restricted to the USA alone). Users can enable Internet Map Image Retrieval, Show map status, and fix old or broken map tiles.

ExpertGPS is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also supports the use of hotkeys from your keyboard, even though it might take a while to get used to them; however, they come in very handy.

Key Features of ExpertGPS Include:

  • Print map, list, geocache, and setup of the software;
  • Supports digital maps or scanned papers;
  • You can add an existing image or import images from other sources;
  • Geotag a photo;
  • Supports conversion of data to other formats;
  • Supports importing Shapefile, Waypoints, DXF, Excel CSV, KML formats;
  • Copying and pasting directly from Excel;
  • Allows changing the coordinate format;
  • Compatible with Google Earth;
  • Navigate to various addresses around the world effortlessly; 
  • Supports viewing locations online, via Google Earth, or directly on this application;
  • Enable real-time GPS tracking;
  • Send or receive data from GPS;
  • Mark a new waypoint on the map;
  • View the list of all the marked waypoints;
  • Remove the active points; 
  • Supports the draw tool;
  • You can draw a new track or shape on the map;
  • View the list of tracks and shapes;
  • Reverse the direction of the track or remove gaps in the track;
  • You can measure distance or speed along a specific track;
  • You can add photos from any URL, view the photo, edit the Geotag of the location;
  • Supports various tools, including Move, Zooming in-and-out, Selection Tool, Waypoint, Track, Shape, Route, Note, Recenter Map, and Scissors tool;
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


ExpertGPS is a handy tool for navigating. You can perform a myriad of actions using its straightforward user interface. It supports various formats and applications. With ExpertGPS, you can easily create waypoints, tracks, as well as routes. Users can also send and receive routes to and from their GPS devices. You can edit your maps however you wish with all the hotkeys and options available.


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