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Recent advancements in technology have led to the use of Instant Messaging (IM) in various fields including business, research, and entertainment. Other features have also been incorporated into IM solutions which provide audio and video chatting functionalities which are not limited to a private connection between two people. These features are also available for group conversations between users of several connected devices.

Most messaging tools now support asynchronous communication, where messages can be sent to other users whether they are online or offline. Users are also able to see the online status of other users and get notified when a connection is requested. Telegram is ideal for bringing together people in different locations, enabling them to communicate and share data in real-time.

How Can Telegram Help You?

Telegram is a handy tool that facilitates communication and exchange of files between users irrespective of their location. It has a Secret Chat feature that supports end-to-end encryption which ensures that sent data can only be decrypted at the recipient end. You can send messages to other users regardless of their online status as sent data is often stored in the cloud where it can be synchronized easily with connected devices.

Telegram can be used across several platforms including smartphones running Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS as well as computer systems running Linux, Windows and Mac OS. You can adjust your privacy setting to make your connections secure even when making voice calls. It has a portable version that does not require installation and can be used directly on multiple computers.

It has a straightforward user interface that displays a list of on-going conversations with your contacts. After installation, you are required to create an account by entering your name and a valid phone number which will receive an OTP code for authentication. Users can create groups and channels where relevant information can be shared among members. Group administrators can be appointed and group permission set up to restrict members from posting irrelevant content.

Telegram supports sharing of files in different format including photos, music, and other documents. There are a variety of stickers and emoji that can be used for a fun-filled experience. Videos can be set to play automatically whenever they appear on your screen. They start playing without sound but can be unmuted. You can also enable automatic download of files to ensure that all documents are retrieved immediately they appear.

After a private chat, you can configure messages to self-destruct with a timer on both devices. Large files of up to 1.5gb can be exchanged between users. Other features include setting a passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your Telegram application, and 2-step verification for added security. Telegram allows changing of the phone number that is linked to your account as well as setting up multiple accounts.

You get to delete your account whenever you like. Developers can create bots using the Telegram Bot API and platform to handle user interactions.

Telegram Key Features Include:

  • Unlimited cloud storage for your messages;
  • Totally free with no ads;
  • Multiple account support;
  • Self-destruct timer for messages;
  • Secret chat feature with end-to-end encryption;
  • Access to a variety of stickers and emoji;
  • Voice calls;
  • Create groups and channels and set up member permissions.


Telegram offers a fast and dependable way to communicate with people around the world. It offers a lot of innovative features for your amazement and you get to delete your account whenever you like. Developers can create bots using the Telegram Bot API and platform to handle user interactions.

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  • Version: 1.8.15
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