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While browsing on the web, it is inevitable that you are exposed to so many threats. These threats include advertising companies looking to use your search histories to create ads and then nag you with them. Apart from unwanted ads, you are also exposing yourself to cybercriminals. 

If your credit card information gets compromised, your finances can be wiped clean before you have time to stop it or realize it is happening. Also, with the innovative ways cybercriminals are getting, it’s inevitable that PC users get creative as well with securing their online activities. Several tools offer reliable solutions to conceal and ensure your online presence is safe, and Hotspot Shield is one of such weapons.

How can Hotspot Shield Protect Your Online Activities?

Hotspot Shield is an effective internet security tool used by more than 600 million people around the world. Thanks to the appealing features offered by Hotspot Shield, many users depend upon this tool to navigate the web freely. For one, Hotspot Shield provides a private network for users to browse the web, share files, play online games, and exchange essential data without fear of compromisation. 

Hotspot Shield uses VPN(Virtual Private Network) to secure the activities of its users. How does VPN work? Pretty simple! All data and information exchanged over a Virtual Private Network is encrypted and remains between the user and Hotspot Shield VPN server, hiding your IP and making your location anonymous. Another useful thing with using VPN to browse is that it protects your Home WIFI internet network as well as a Public WIFI Network. You will also benefit from the fact that none of your browsing activities is stored on the Hotspot Shield server, making it extremely difficult for data monitoring by hackers. With the Hotspot Shield VPN, you can access Netflix and Youtube services from restricted countries without any difficulties.

Usually, when surfing the internet for information or merely interacting with others over the web, you often encounter certain websites that restrict access based on your location, age, or browser. Well, say goodbye to such restrictions and blockages, thanks to the Hotspot Shield VPN 

The interface of Hotspot Shield straightforward user interface, this freeware is accessible by all users, regardless of their level of expertise. To use the services provided by Hotspot Shield, you don’t need any technical knowledge of data protection or anonymous browsing skills. All you need is to download this tool, install it on your Windows system, and you are good to go. Hotspot Shield is compatible with the latest Windows versions, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 64-bit.

On the main window, which is quite basic and uncluttered, you will notice that it’s divided into six sections. Each section displays a different overview of the services offered by Hotspot Shield. You can view your virtual IP address, select the country you’d love to browse from, see the downloads and uploads speed for each country, displays the number of unblocked sites, and the traffic level. Every time you wish to access YouTube or go on the web, click on the ‘connect’ button before proceeding to browse. This process makes it easy for the Virtual Private Network to get activated to protect you from online spies and hackers.

Key Features of Hotspot Shield Include:

  • Hide your physical location as well as your IP address;
  • Access to geographically restricted websites by unblocking them for you;
  • Easy access to YouTube and Netflix;
  • The ability to select any country with the Hotspot Shield VPN server;
  • Encrypts all the information exchanged over the web;
  • Protects your data and sensitive information from cybercriminals;
  • Does not store or log any of your browsing activities;
  • Prevents unauthorized third-parties from monitoring your online activities;
  • Secures your Home WIFI network as well as Public WIFI networks;
  • Offers you a virtual IP address to surf the internet incognito;
  • Protects your passwords, chats, credit card information through encryption;
  • Supports with multiple languages;
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface;
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 64-bit.


Needless to say that this is a robust internet security tool, able to provide all-around protection of your online data by encrypting all the information exchanged over the web. It can also prevent your offline data from getting compromised by blocking malware, spyware, and all other dangerous viruses. You can access all web content as this software removes restrictions set by sites. The basic and straightforward user interface makes it easily manipulated by experienced and inexperienced users alike. Hotspot Shield is indeed a top-tier software that is both reliable and efficient.

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  • Developer: AnchorFree, Inc.
  • Homepage: www.anchorfree.com
  • Version: 8.7.1
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