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You probably have a mouse, keyboards and even gamepads with too many extra buttons that you do not know what keystrokes or mouse clicks they send to Windows Os. With this 100% portable tool that you can carry virtually anywhere you go, you know instantly what keystrokes and mouse clicks a device’s button send to Windows. 

Key Informer is a handy piece of software that is designed to show you the history of the most recent keystrokes and mouse clicks in real-time. The tool can detect the Virtual Key (VK) as well as the Scan Code (sc) of any key. It is also executable from any storage device. 

The application is programmed basically to help you to view keystrokes as well as the basic statistics on your use of the mouse and keyboard. It will save you a lot of headaches while remapping devices buttons for automation tasks, playing games, and several other purposes.

How Helpful is Key Informer to PC Users?

If you are a programmer or you are simply just keen on knowing exactly how your computer works, this tool will enable you to view the virtual keys used by software developers. It comes in the form of an open executable file which you are required to double click in order to view keystrokes in a small window, which by default, stays on top of any open applications.

Key Informer has a simple interface that displays the Virtual Key, the Scan Code, the Type (if relevant), elapsed time in seconds, Up/Down, and the key or Mouse Button pressed. You will also find that the Windows column lists the active applications. Available to you is also the option to tweak the default settings, found at the bottom of the Key InFormer Window. There is an update button, an update counter and a checkbox for Always on Top. If you set the counter to one millisecond, it will mean deactivating the utility if you want to view the ten most recent keystrokes. The ‘save’ button enables you to Always on Top defaults in the INI file as well as change the utility’s updates. 

Key Informer is capable of not just detecting mouse clicks and keystrokes but also displaying the scan code and virtual key. The application is not a keylogger, and will therefore not run in stealth mode. A new line of text will be created in the main window each time a key is pressed, or the mouse button clicked. Various are displayed, particularly the pressed virtual key, time since the previous events, scan code as well as the window which was affected by the event; it is also possible to view the total number of events. 

Disabling the app from staying on top of others or even changing the update frequency may not remain the same when you automatically exit the application. Nevertheless, it is possible to save them manually, and in this event, a configuration .INI file will be created in the same folder as the executable file. 

It is clearly visible at it tracks all activity from your keyboard and mouse. It is not a keylogger, so it is impossible to use this application for malicious intent. When quitting to the desktop, the settings with the update timer and always-on-top status are not automatically saved by key InFormer. However, you can ask the program to do this, and in that event, it creates a setting configuration file in the exact directory as the executable. 

Key Features of Key InFormer Include:

  • Easy to use
  • Displays keys in an easy-to-read format
  • Tracks your keystrokes and mouse activity
  • No stealth mode
  • Lets you set update time between captured events. 
  • Simple interface


The sole purpose of Key Informer is to deliver basic information concerning the keys pressed as well as mouse buttons clicked on your PC. It will help you to keep track of your keypresses as well as mouse clicks, reporting back statistics. It has an interface that is very easy to navigate. With Key InFormer, all the information you need to track the activity on your computer is right at your fingertips.

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