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Privacy on your computer system is one important factor which cannot be overlooked. It is imperative for one to have a secure and private space where you can safely store your private information and sensitive data. As such, if you are currently in search of the best tools with which you could safeguard your important data and information, especially if you are sharing your computer device with the third party, or are connected to other devices which also have complete access to your system, then, it is very paramount that you secure your private data in a safe location on your computer where only you can access – something like a secure private virtual drive. This is where Private Secure Disk comes in; a secure tool for storing all of your sensitive information in one place where only you have access to.

Private Secure Disk is a comprehensive disk encryption application designed by Dekart SRL for Microsoft Windows Operating systems. The application creates a virtual drive on your computer, and then all the data stored on it are encrypted on the fly. All the other programs on your computer can be granted access to this drive for storing or collecting data as if it were a regular drive, although access will require a password or some means of verification. One key highlight of Private Disk is its ease of use; the software does this successfully by hiding complexity from the end-user.

How Can Private Disk Help You Store Sensitive Data Effectively?

One of the best things about this software is how it keeps things really simple. A first-timer can easily go around the programs environments without getting lost thanks to the smart and simple user-friendly interface. A private Secure Disk is a software that has the ability to create a virtual disk drive on your computer's hard disk, or even on a removable disk. The new virtual disk drive is fully encrypted in order to safeguard all of your important data from any kind of unauthorized access or threat. To do this, basically, the application uses encryption technology to create a simulated password-protected hard drive on your system that can quickly encrypt any incoming data and decrypt outgoing data on the fly. As expected, the drive stores data in an encrypted format, making it unworkable for other users who do not have authorized access to break-in. However, when applications (with permission) request for data that is stored on the drive, it can decrypt them and send such information instantly.

The Interface of Private Secure Disk is quite decent, simple, and intuitive. Thanks to the organized layout, it is easy for anyone to use this software no matter what your technical background is. – From the home screen, you can select whether or not you want to create a new disk drive, mount (or edit) a private disk, or unmount a disk. Depending on what choice you had made on the previous screen, the next screen will display corresponding options, for instance; if you had selected the 'Create a private disk' option, then the next screen will display options to help you create it either on your USB drive or on your Hard Disk Drive, or whatever other supported device you prefer to use. Also, there is an online Help file that is well documented and explains every step and procedure clearly.

As far as installation is concerned, Private Secure Disk is quite easy to install, especially on Windows platforms. Installation involves only a few simple steps. However, it is recommended that you close other applications during this process for the best results.

During installation, you will be required to set basic details such as; setup folder location, Start Menu folder location, and whether or not you will want Additional Icons like a Desktop Icon, or a Quick Launch icon, etc. if you feel like these processes are time exhausting, you can simply go with the default recommendations and enable the option to use the software straight away after installation is complete.

As for compatibility, this application is compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices including the following operating systems: Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista / Vista (64 bit)/ 7 / 7 (64 bit) / 8 / 8 (64 bit).

A major advantage of this software is the fact that it encrypts every incoming data and decrypts outgoing data on the fly without changing any information, thereby leaving the files in their original state. The application also allows you to carry out some custom actions like selecting a custom name for the new drive you are creating, set the size of the disk you are creating, assign a custom password for it so that there is no unauthorized access, and lots more.

To make things more interesting, you can always access your virtual disk drive from other computers also even if Private Secure Disk is not installed on them. As long as you have your external storage device where your private virtual disk is stored, you can simply plug it into the computer and select the option to mount the hidden private disk and then select the option 'install on USK disk.' This will immediately install a .exe on the USB that can run on the computer where it is currently plugged, from where you can access your entire private disk as if you were using your own system.

One other noteworthy feature of Private Secure Disk is its quick response time which allows users to issue several commands and have them executed in quick succession without glitches and such.

Key Features of Private Secure Disk Include:

  • Simple, smart user interface.
  • Ease of use.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Compatibility across multiple devices.
  • Support for custom settings.
  • NIST-certified implementation of AES-256-bit, and SHA-2. Private disk complies with FIPS 197 and FIPS 180-2.
  • CBC mode with secret IVs is used to encrypt the sectors of the storage volume.
  • Disk Firewall, an application-level filter, which allows only trusted programs to access the virtual drive.
  • Ability to run directly from a removable drive, requiring no local installation.
  • Offers access to encrypted data on any system, even if administrative privileges are not available.
  • Encrypted images can be accessed on Windows Mobile and Windows CE handhelds; this is achieved by making the encrypted container format compatible with containers used by SecuBox (disk encryption software by Aiko Solutions).
  • File wiping is applied when deleting an encrypted image.
  • PD File Move, a file migration tool, which will locate the specified files on the system and securely move them to an encrypted disk.
  • Compatibility with Windows 9x and Windows NT operating systems.
  • Autorun and Autofinish automatically start a program or a script when a virtual disk is mounted or dismounted.
  • Encrypted backup of an encrypted image.
  • Password quality meter.
  • Automatic backup of a disk's encryption key.
  • Built-in password recovery tool.
  • Compatibility with 64-bit platforms.


Private Secure Disk is easy to use software that is capable of safeguarding your personal data from being accessed by intruders. The application generally uses fewer system resources even though it is capable of doing a whole lot, as such, running the program does not hamper your system's performance. The software is also really portable and flexible as it allows you to carry your virtual disk drive with you everywhere you go without having to carry your PC with you. There is also a ton of other added features to enjoy.

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