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The memory of most events that occurred in different stages of our lives can be quite hazy. It is usually challenging to recall exact words used in conversations or the way your kids sang their nursery rhymes. You may also want to record sounds from games or movies for personal use.

Although memories may seem vivid, they are usually inaccurate and cannot be relied upon as past experiences are capable of distorting one’s recollection of a sequence of events. To maintain credibility, individuals or companies need to keep an accurate record of conversations and events as the very little details matter. Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro ensures that you have audio records of conversations as well as your favorite soundtracks for future use.

How Can Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro Help You?

GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro is a powerful software that facilitates the recording of sounds in various audio formats using a computer. It can be used to record podcasts or online radio programs which can be played on a later date. Installation is easy as it requires minimal system resources.

It has a simple user interface with features that are easily accessible. Apart from capturing audio tracks playing on the computer, you can also record vocals as well as other sounds from connected devices like microphones and other musical equipment. With the advanced audio record engine, you can create near perfect sounds from third-party applications including game audio tracks, Skype conversations as well as other audio from other telephony programs.

GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro lets you convert captured sounds into various popular file formats like AMR, WMA, MP3, FLAC, and WAV. You can also edit audio properties like bitrate, sample, and channels to ensure that the resulting sound is of top quality. There is also an integrated timer feature that enables you to start or end recording sessions at the specified time automatically. Hence, it starts recording immediately you receive VoIP calls.

The silence detection feature helps boost efficiency by pausing recording sessions when there is no sound to enhance user experience. Recorded files can be exported to external devices with customized naming conventions. Noise suppression and volume normalization can be used to achieve the desired output.

Setting the time and size limit is possible using GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro to ensure that the files are portable and not too long. Long recordings can be split into several individual files for easy access. You can also assign hotkeys that can be used to start or stop recordings.

GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro Key Features Include:

  • Automatic silence detection to ensure that you capture relevant sections during recording sessions;
  • Supports multiple audio formats;
  • Define audio file properties like bitrate, samples, and channels before recording;
  • Size and time limit adjustments;
  • Customize naming conventions;
  • Timer feature for scheduling of recording sessions;
  • Noise suppression and volume normalization;
  • Advanced audio record engine that captures sounds from both local and external devices;
  • Compatible with multiple languages;
  • This software supports all versions of Windows Operating Systems.


You no longer need to worry about forgetting issues discussed on skype or online tutoring sessions. With GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro, vital records are kept to maintain credibility in the eyes of others.

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