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If a change in weather has ever altered your schedule, then you understand the frustration that comes with it. It's always the best decision to plan your day according to the weather forecasts, but you don't have to rely on the weatherman on your local TV station.

EasyWeather is designed to give you accurate weather predictions through meteorological information gathered from the ProWeatherstation on your personal computer running the Windows operating system.

Why is EasyWeather Beneficial to Windows Users?

For starters, EasyWeather helps you to understand what the weather conditions are in your locality, and you can view all the forecast you need is from the comfort of your personal computer. EasyWeather provides reports on temperature, as well as other very pertinent weather-related data.

With Easyweather, you will get informed when a value specified by you is reached. For instance, if you want to get notified when the temperature reaches 39 degree Celsius, then Easyweather can do just this. This tool also allows you to configure the way information about weather is displayed for you.

Easyweather is a program loaded with features that give you access to a lot of information on weather conditions at a given time. Additionally, it allows you to make a choice from various units of measurements for wind speed, pressure, and even rainfall; all these settings are inculcated into the main menu set up.

The Easyweather software has another advantage which is provided by the 'Data Logging' option; this option permits you to save information about the present weather conditions at a given moment in the 'History Data' menu. These details can be displayed later in either 2D or 3D graphs.

Overall, Easyweather is a feature-endowed program which gives you easy access to vital information about meteorological conditions. The program also offers the possibility to construct the display into graphs for a better comprehension of the relevant weather data statistics. Meaning you can customize the application's interface to suit you.

It's worthy of note that the use of Easyweather may be restricted to the connection of ProWeatherstation on your computer through a USB cable.

Key Features of EasyWeather Include:

  • Data Logging option; keeps information of present weather conditions for later use;
  • Highly configurable; allows you to configure the report in a way that you can do easily comprehend;
  • Display options; will enable you to choose how you want your graphs to be presented either in 2D or 3D formats;
  • Diverse units of measurements; it gives access to more than one unit of measurements of data;
  • Notification alarms; gets you alerted when the specified value is reached;
  • Access to Data History; you can view saved weather data from 'History Data';
  • Ability to store information about weather conditions;
  • The ability to configure settings to the indoor and outdoor temperature;
  • Setup menu; has an option that allows you to set up the program in a most pleasant way.


In general, Easyweather will give you a good enough experience as it has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to know your weather conditions and future predictions for the nearest hours and days. Also, you are provided with knowledge about other relevant data to weather conditions in your locality.

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