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Downloading files from the web can be challenging - a lot of mirrors store broken files, malware, or viruses. Even if you managed to complete the download successfully, sharing files between colleagues and friends can be tedious as well. Most messengers and social media platforms have a file size limit which is easy to exceed. 

Using file-sharing software is an opportunity to exchange large files with no constraints. Shareaza is one of the leading software in the market. It uses four peer-to-peer networks, among which Gnutella, BitTorrent, eDonkey2000, and Gnutella2 - the programme’s own network. 

How Can Shareaza Boost Your PC?

Shareaza is a functional file sharing tool. It allows viewers to view all their latest downloads and uploads. You can sort files by names or download data, see the size of a download, as well as the download progress. 

If you want to find a download link for any file, you can search for it through Shareaza and the system will scan for P2P networks. You can even add a file size filter to make use your storage space wisely. A user can even preview audio and video files while downloading them to know if the audio is what they’re looking for. 

You can detect corrupt files as well. The system will stop downloading a file as soon as an error is noticed. Users can access the reviews of other users that have downloaded a file in the past, to make sure they won’t get tricked by a virus or a fake. 

Shareaza is available in multiple languages. There is a version with the interface available in 10 languages, and new translations are constantly being added as well. The platform is also equipped with Unicode for international searches and downloaded. 

Shareaza can be further enhanced with plugins. There are dozens of plugins available at the moment - you can improve and customize the application to achieve its ultimate performance. 

Shareaza Main Features Include:

  • Supports multiple P2P networks: EDonkey2000, BitTorrent, Gnutella, and Gnutella2 (G2);
  • Groups files into “Collections”: download song lists, videos, books, or images in bulk;
  • Highly customizable interface. You can download a Shareaza skin or create your own to manage the programme more efficiently;
  • Improved navigation systems with multiple search filters;
  • Preview video and audio files before downloading. 


Shareaza is a tool for experienced PC users that allows managing downloads and file sharing in just a few clicks. The programme offers all the tools needed to increase the efficiency of file management and protect a user from all the risks connected to web downloads.

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