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Computer terminals are an excellent way to quickly communicate with computers, even when it comes to managing multiple computers simultaneously. Even though it might seem that all the functions performed by terminals can be more efficiently executed via GUI, it’s actually not the case. 

The terminal command line is a great way to quickly look for data, automate repetitive actions, and create scripts. All you have to do is write a simple code line and it will be automatically executed by your computer. However, buying a physical terminal is quite expensive and therefore, most appropriate for professional purposes. For a regular user, installing a terminal emulator such as Tera Term, a more comfortable and affordable option. 

How Can Tera Term Boost Your PC?

Tera Term is a free, Open Source, terminal emulator that can be used by professional software developers as well as by regular computer users. The tool supports various types of computer terminals such as dumb terminals with no processing abilities, smart terminals, capable of performing basic processing functions, and Internet terminals, able to process multiple data volumes.  Also, the emulator supports serial port connections, telnet, the most popular protocol for text communication between a computer and a terminal, and SSH 1&2 for fast script execution. Users can also work with a built-in scripting language, just like on a regular physical terminal. 

On top of that, the application has a wide range of useful built-in plugins and is constantly updated by an active Open Source community. You will receive regular updates and bug fixes for free, and the community is always there for you if you need advice. The emulator uses a simple interface that’s easy to grasp even for inexperienced software developers. However, since it’s code-based, a regular user will likely need some time to adjust to Tera Term scripting language and in overall, learn the key terminal functionality.

Tera Term Key Features Include:

  • Automatic log name creations with a new name for each log;
  • A built-in SSH, telnet, and serial ports support;
  • Supports all types of terminals, including smart and intelligent;
  • A minimalistic interface;
  • All key terminal functionalities are completely preserved;
  • Available for all Windows versions. 


Tera Term is a lightweight but powerful program that allows effective communications between computers via a powerful terminal emulator. Its functionality is completely identical to popular terminals such as DEC VT382 or DEC VT100. Tera Term has a minimalistic interface, combined with a rich functionality to create a fast and smooth user experience.

What's new in 4.104 version?


  • The Disabling text selection when the window is activated by mouse configuration can be set up on the Additional settings dialog.
  • The environment variable included in directory for file transfers becomes to be expanded.
  • Unspecified string font in IME uses your defined font.
  • Added help button on Additional settings dialog.
  • MARCO: The fileopen command does not cause an error when a file can not be opened. Reverted changes in 4.102.
  • MACRO: When filetruncate command does not cause an error when a file can not be opened, or file size can not be changed.

Bug fixes:

  • When UTF-8 characters received, 4-byte UTF-8 characters are miss-decoded.
  • When the Active Window Tracking is enabled, mouse cursor won't be active in Tera Term window. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
  • The session number of window title is always 1. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
  • When the font selection dialog is used while undetermined characters of IME are displayed , the font ot IME always is changed.
  • When the locale setting is default(japanese) or invalid on English version of Windows, an application fault immediately occurs after starting Tera Term.
  • A big file can not send by using [File]/[Send file..]. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
  • Cancel printing dialog can not be shown. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
  • The plugin compiled before 4.103 can not called because the DLL's calling convention is changed in Tera Term 4.103.
  • MACRO: listbox command can not adjust the width of list according to the window size. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
  • MACRO: filecopy command may not store the result to result system variable.
  • MACRO: filelock and fileunlock command always fail. This bug was introduced in 4.101.
  • MACRO: When the first byte of the file is matched by using filestrseek2 command, the file pointer is invalid. This bug was introduced in 4.101.


  • upgraded TTSSH to 2.90.
  • upgraded TTProxy to
  • upgraded Oniguruma to 6.9.3.


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-09-02
  • Developer: TeraTerm Project
  • Version: 4.104
  • File size: 13.51 MB
  • Downloads: 2,631
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: teraterm-4.104.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: b6940ed9cf0ed64c795ae3d05b941227