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Adware and viruses can result in significant system damage, slow down the overall performance of a PC, and put a user’s private data in jeopardy. You can consider installing GridInSoft Anti-Malware in order to scan a device for viruses and remove all the malware from the hard drive. The program scans the computer for security threats, malware, PUPs, and adware.

Thanks to the real-time protection feature, GridInSoft Anti-Malware prevents suspicious software from running along with sending a user a security alert. This way, you’ll be able to prevent the threat and avoid possible damage. In case your browser or Windows Update become infected, use the ‘Ignore and Quarantine’ tool to reset the system settings.

How Can GrindInSoft Anti-Malware Boost Your PC?

The program is a fast and efficient threat scanner that’ll protect your system against external attacks, viruses, or invasive malware. After analyzing system files, the program creates a custom data report on scanned items and detected Trojan threats. There’s a name, a description, and a file path for each virus, which makes it easier for PC users to find and delete an infected file.

A user can choose from among three types of security scan. The first one is a quick scan. This one is the most lightweight and will not slow down the system performance. However, it’ll only scan the hard drive on the superficial level and will identify the most critical threats.

In case you are in for a deeper security check, there’s a ‘Standard Scan’ mode that oversees all the systems as well as launched procedures. With a ‘Full Scan’, the program will run a deep background check of your hard drive. Finally, advanced PC users can opt for a custom scan and decide which systems will be scanned by GridInSoft Anti-Malware.

You can save the result of a scan as plain text or as an HTML page. System scans are recorded by the system - you’ll be able to access all the reports the program has ever generated in a matter of a few clicks. The interface of GridInSoft Anti-Malware is logically structured into blocks and highly intuitive - each feature is accompanied by a dedicated icon.

GridInSoft Anti-Malware Main Features:

  • Detailed reports on viruses and malware;
  • In-depth system scans;
  • Fully customizable scanning;
  • Full access to logs and scan history;
  • Real-time protection: the system alerts the user as soon as any suspicious activity is spotted;
  • A wide range of control tools. 


GridInSoft is a well-designed malware scanner for Windows that enables in-depth security inspections and checks the hard drive for viruses, threats, or hidden malware. GridInSoft offers a deeper understanding of cybersecurity and is relatively straightforward for novice PC users.

What's new in 4.1.15 version?

  • We have renovated Start Scan icons for all scan types;
  • Several dialog windows inside the program were updated and we proceed;


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