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Strategy gamers are in for a real treat if what this game's developers, Liquid Entertainment, are offering with 'Battle Realms' is any indication of what we should continue to expect from them in future productions. Like any other successful strategy game, Battle Realms goes to prove that developers do not always have to add a long list of features to their games to get the fans. This game narrows down its focus to creating a meaningful and rewarding experience for its players as it places you in the role of a commander in this Asian themed fantasy setting. Under your command will be small armies of Ronin, Samurai, Warlocks, and Werewolves. Even though Battle Realms is more of a strategy game in spirit, the game successfully draws you deep into action by narrowing down the focus to a more personal level.

Battle Realms is an RTS inexhaustible exciting and action-packed strategy game. Liquid Entertainment develops the game. Here the goal is simple. You must defeat your enemy. The only difference is that there are other mechanisms to do so. In a campaign, you can play as Kenji Oja, the serpent's son that fled from the island when his father was assassinated. The game starts as Kenji returns; you must choose between reigniting the glory of the dragon age and reinvigorating the pure strength of the serpent. You can also play as Grayback, one of the mining slaves. Here, the game starts in a mining cave where Grayback will rescue other fellow slaves and revolt against the Serpent and the Lotus Tyranny, repossess the relic, and lead the wolf clan to freedom.

How Can Battle Clan Give You an Interesting RTS Strategy Gaming Experience?

The graphics in Battle Realms is rendered in a captivating HD resolution quality. Also, the mission is kept simple, beat off your opponent, and that's all. To make things a little more interesting, the developers have introduced some new mechanisms which you will not find on other RTS games.

Just like any other RTS game, here, the Peasant Hut is where you are where Peasants (workers) come from. It also doubles up as a resource collection center, hence, similarly to all other RTS games, your Peasant Huts are very vital; if you lose all your peasant huts, and all your peasants are killed, the game is over for you. Also, the higher the peasant population you have, the slower your shelters create a new peasant.

In Battle realms, there are four primary resources which you need to collect, two of which are Rice and Water (these are basically unlimited throughout the game). And if you feel like the rate of your rice cultivation is slow compared to the rate of your new peasants, then you can assign more peasants to cultivate your rice farms. When upgrading or training new units, or teaching your units some new skills, you will need to spend some rice and water by letting your units go into corresponding buildings one at a time for the period it will take to complete the training or upgrade. For instance, if you want to train one of your men to become a 1st tier soldier, you will allow him to go into the training building. After some few seconds, he will emerge as a 1st tier soldier, and so on.

The third resource you should worry about is a horse. You can assign your peasant to train a horse and bring him back to the staple. A peasant that has tamed a horse can collect extra resources at a time. Also, soldiers can use horses for more speed during missions. Not all members of the wolf clan can ride a horse.

Lastly, the fourth resource you will be needing is the Yin (for the serpent, Lotus Clan) or Yang (for the dragon, Wolf Clan). Both Yin and Yang are acquired by killing enemies and tearing down enemy buildings. You can use Yin/Yang to summon heroes from the keep, upgrade tech tree, increase the hero's strength, or unleash other devastating powers during gameplay. Also, all units are ground forces, so there will be no airstrikes in this game.

Battle Realms has four game modes; Survival, Razing, Kill The Keep, and Famine. In 'survival' mode, you can play endlessly as long as all your units do not get killed, if not, you lose. In 'Razing' mode, each player begins with a peasant hut. You can keep playing endlessly as long as all your peasant huts are not destroyed, else, you lose. In 'Kill The Keep' each player starts with a single keep. As long as all your keeps are not destroyed, you can continue to play. In Famine game mode, all players will start with maximum units and resources. Having been given these, you will need to build the most efficient and effective army and begin the game. As long as all your units are not destroyed, you can continue playing.

One other notable feature of this game is the WorldMaster feature which enables you to make your map. If you are bored with the official maps or find it incomprehensible, Battle Realms offers you the ability to create your route. You can apply your cool textures and any other crazy stuff you feel like.

True to its source of inspiration, as the game draws inspiration from Japan's stylish, action-packed comics and animated films, the entire game, notably Battle, can be somewhat chaotic. You practically have little or no control over your units besides moving them about – you can make your units move faster by double-clicking your mouse. You can also order them to attack, or initiate their special abilities (if your unit has acquired any). It is a good thing that you can even control your units as they're very autonomous – they can automatically rush into battles where they will attack nearby foes. They can prioritize threats properly, and even switch between ranged and melee attacks where necessary.

As for pathfinding abilities of your units is also great; you can command your units to go somewhere and they will while stopping to attack or defend against enemy threats along the way. However, for strategy, depending on the mission, you can set convenient formations for your units. During combat, however, you will have to wait to see the outcome of the Battle. It can be quite challenging to pull units out of Battle as they keep trying to lunch back an attack to support their unit.

Also, since your game units can grow so large, they tend to spread out during Battle making it a bit difficult to keep track of everything that is happening in a big battle because all the details will not fit simultaneously on the screen. There are a ton of several other notable features and gameplay intricacies in Battle Realms that will keep you gaming for a really long time, and lots of quests to conquer as well.

Key Features of Battle Realms Include:

  • High definition game resolution.
  • Multi gaming modes.
  • Endless gameplay.
  • Special abilities.
  • Large units.
  • Flexible (slow and fast) gameplay.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Fascinating maps.
  • Special combos.
  • WorldMaster map.
  • Semi-auto unit control/intelligence.


This game will give players one of the best strategy gaming experiences. There are lots of interesting features, and the gameplay is rendered in high-quality HD format. Also, there are lots of interesting characters and rich storylines to play. You can expect a lot of action in Battle Realms as well as a lot of exciting quests and challenges all through the game.

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