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Razer Cortex is a tool that allows gamers to boost their system’s performance in order to create a high-quality gaming experience. Apart from increasing the power of the device itself, the program allows saving the backups to not lose the progress earned, find the cheapest game deals, record game footage, and so on. It’s an essential tool for those who want to increase the speed and efficiency of gaming experience. The interface of Razer Cortex is comfortable and lightweight as there aren’t too many features. As a result, all the needed tools are one-click away. Having said that, the program offers a robust set of tools to make the most of out of your hardware.

How Can Razer Cortex Boost Your PC?

In order to improve streamlining programs and games, a gamer needs to boost his PC. Thanks to Razer Cortex, you’ll be able to improve game loading speed, free storage space by deleting unneeded files, all in one tool. There’s no longer a need to manually open Steam, Origin, Battle.net, or other gaming platforms.

In case you struggle with slow system performance, you’ll benefit from the advice given by Razer Cortex optimization specialists. There  are built-in expert tweak controls that’ll allow you to control the way in which all the installed software impacts the system. You’ll be able to tweak boost settings to the highest level possible to speed up the loading time and the performance of your favorite games. There’s an organizing feature as well - Razer Cortex allows users to sort fragmented game files on an HDD. As a result, reading and writing time reduces tremendously - there’s no long waiting for the game to load.

Razer Cortex can come in handy for tracking the cheapest game deals as well. Razer Games Deals is a price comparison engine that scours the web to track the best offers for popular and rare titles. The offers are constantly updated so you won’t miss out on convenient suggestions.

Razer Cortex Main Features:

  • Screen capture gallery;
  • Save backup function;
  • Built-in in-game sharing on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms;
  • A price comparison engine for tracking best deals;
  • Smart suggestion lists based on a user’s preferences;
  • Improves game loading time and performance.


Razer Cortex is a tool for gamers that increases the performance of a PC in order to improve the quality of the gaming experience. It’s handy for those who want to tweak their software and keep track of the best deals online. However, as some features are rather advanced, novice PC users might feel limited in using Razer Cortex.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-08-08
  • Developer: Razer Inc.
  • Homepage: www.razer.com
  • Version:
  • File size: 4.54 MB
  • Downloads: 1,077
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: RazerCortexInstaller.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 3ed41f7df4f0162b1c7a8c44c4c40dd3