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On the off chance that you figure you aren't getting everything you can from your Windows PC configuration, at that point quite possibly your drivers are to blame. However, while you may receive notifications if a larger component (such as your network card) is out-of-date, smaller components will also suffer along with old drivers indefinitely.

This is where DriverPack Solution Online comes in to help users for free. This software utility tool scans your computer for obsolete drivers, then links you to its online service to download and install the updates. 

Why is DriverPack Solution Online Application Important?

Installing the application should just take you a few minutes, and with just a few clicks, you can find the proper device driver. This application also comes with an internet version, making it possible to use online, in case you do not want to download it on your PC. Simply go to the official website and begin using this application as frequently as you wish. This saves the user from stress and time because it effectively manages everything for you on your computer. Having issues with your drivers can mess your entire computer up, and you want to avoid this as much as possible by keeping them updated always.

Instead of adapting to these issues, be sure that you download DriverPack and start utilizing it to benefit from all that it can provide to you alongside your computer.

This is a software that allows you to download and install the required drivers for your computer without going through several processes. You simply need to download the installer from the website and run the setup. From that point forward, the rest of the work will be done by the software. It is exceptionally light programming and highly compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

DriverPack Solution Online is a great option if you're not familiar or haven't used the backup/restore method and other settings and screens that some similar driver updates have. Running the program for the first time, you will be prompted with a window that shows you the drivers that are out-of-date and will be given the option to upgrade the required drivers from the DriverPack Solution Online website.

Once identified, the application will analyze a user's computer and then installs it onto it the required drivers. Users can either allow the program to install all the drivers found or on an individual basis.

The automated process works well, but you might experience a few challenges during usage. Occasional clashes and exceptions while installing the drivers may demand your attention more than once and require a restart. Basically, this won't be a big problem for more experienced users but could stress inexperienced or novice users who want to use the program for an easy one-stop solution.

For a little extra benefit, DriverPack Solution Online adds shortcuts to some handy (and often hard to find) functions. These include the device manager, the uninstall program function, system clean-up, and the disk defrag to optimize your Hard Disk Drive. However, while these are standard functions available in Windows, their inclusion in the DriverPack window is suitable. It also supports language localization.

Some of the problems encountered with this software are that it cannot hide drivers from showing up in future scans, no option for scheduled scans, at times it seems slower than it should, sometimes programs you don't want pops up accidentally when you click to download recommended software.

Key Features of DriverPack Solution Online include:

  • Antivirus Disabling, this feature is used to disable all antivirus on a user PC so that installation will not be interrupted or have errors.
  • In the Maintenance mode, the system prepares itself for maintenance proper, and this is when the software searches the system for out of date drivers for appropriate configuration. It increases the chances for successful driver installation. Upon completion, the system will reboot back to a regular mood.
  • Auto-run software prevents the system from slowing down. It removes applications from the start-up list.
  • HardDisk clean-up this component removes the temporary files and junk files from the system to free up space.
  • Users can use VPN to access any site that is blocked in the country by using Block Bypassing.
  • After the device has rebooted Post-installation clean-up will make sure drivers are working correctly.
  • Shows the driver version of the current driver as well as the version of the one that it can download to upgrade it.
  • Diagnostics section serves as a system information tool.
  • Bulk software downloader suggests the application user might want to add to their computer.
  • The program can list all the drivers, even the ones that don't need updating.


In conclusion, the software is straightforward and well laid out program, which provides easy shortcuts to a lot of the users Windows' PC utilities. In any case, the advantages provided to our computers performance from the drivers was great, the application was able to speed up the computer configuration processes and also improve its operational abilities. Although, the few hitches we keep running into while installing some programs may be discouraging for some users.

We don't have any change log information for DriverPack Solution 17.10.14 yet. If you have any change log info for this version of DriverPack Solution you can share with us.


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