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  • Why is AnyDesk Useful?

    This is an application that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Both computers must have AnyDesk downloaded on it. There will be a 9-digit password. The secondary user that wants his device accessed must share the details of his AnyDesk password with the primary user. The primary user must then enter these details into the AnyDesk software on his device and voilà! He will be granted unrestricted access into the secondary user’s device. The secondary user also has the option to enable unattended access into any of his devices.

    When you allow remote access into your computer with AnyDesk, you can choose to allow the other user view your computer’s monitor content, hear your computer's sound output, control your computer's keyboard and mouse, access your computer's clipboard, and also lock your computer’s keyboard and mouse. It can be used to transfer files, such as Compressed Image Data. It performs excellently even with areas of low internet speed. There will be no lagging with internet speeds that have bandwidths as low as 100 kb/sec. AnyDesk has a security technology called TLS1.2/AES which protects your computer from unwanted access. This technology is so good that it’s classified as a bank standard technology. Sessions on AnyDesk are endpoint encrypted. You can also whitelist incoming connections.

    The simple-to-use interface allows you to choose your personalized ID, username, and logo. Also because of how lightweight this software is at 2.65MB(2,779,432 bytes), it can be downloaded pretty easily even with poor internet connectivity and quickly installed. It runs on Windows, Linux, MAC OS, FreeBSD, iOS, as well as Android. This is a freeware license that covers all future AnyDesk versions. All AnyDesk versions are also very compatible with each other, meaning, if you have ungraded your application to a newer version of AnyDesk, you can still gain remote access to a computer or device that still has an older version installed and carry out tasks normally. 

    There is a remote printing feature support which is very important for business owners, as well as for employees. For example, if you are held up in a particular place, let’s say a business meeting but you need access to the hard copy of some files. You can easily use AnyDesk to gain remote access to your computer and print out those files, then you can message your secretary to just pick up the already printed files from your printer and bring it to you. 

    With AnyDesk auto-discovery, you can view devices that have AnyDesk installed nearby and see their IDs. You can also request to start a session without the hassle of asking for their IDs. All you need will be the password, granting you permission to remotely view their device. 

    There is an on-screen-whiteboard that helps you illustrate, pass down instructions, or help clarify tasks without any hassle with the use of sketches, arrows, or just by tapping on what you need to illustrate. There is also a built-in Address book to keep tabs on your connections and contacts. You can view when an AnyDesk user in your contact list is online. The MSI package support, allows you to configure multiple computers that have AnyDesk on it.

    Key Features of AnyDesk Include:

    • Built-in file transfer;
    • Ability to record sessions;
    • Frame rates of 60 FPS;
    • Very fast speed;
    • Your computer is protected against unwanted accesses;
    • Screen Sharing for Android devices;
    • Excellent connectivity with poor internet connectivity;
    • Remote printing support;
    • Comments feature;
    • Drag-and-drop support;
    • Widget inspired display;
    • Auto-discovery support;
    • On-screen whiteboard;
    • Remote control for Android;
    • Built-in address book;
    • MSI package support.


    This is an excellent tool for Remote Desktop access. It is a very useful and reliable solution for connecting to other computers remotely. You are enabled to effortlessly control each computer once it has the software downloaded in it.

  • What's new in 5.2.2 version?

    Fixed Bugs:

    • Fixed selection box tool.
    • Fixed crash on click on restart button in miscellaneous settings.
    • Fixed 'Change License Key...' button in the about panel.
    • The File Manager downloaded the same file twice in some cases.
    • Fixed handling of AltGr+a. This selected all text before and broke AltGr+a on polish keyboards.
    • Fixed blocker for incoming connections.
    • Fixed address not being shown correctly or incompletely in discovered clients.
    • The Address Book accepted malformed addresses and could not delete them anymore.
    • Fixed wrong address book being removed from the manage address books dialog while trying to delete a different one.
    • Fixed address action 'Drop Link' for qualified addresses (AnyDeskID/domain/account).
    • Fixed command line parsing of qualified addresses.
    • Fixed broken traces.
    • Fixed some tooltips.
    • Minor fixes.

    Other Changes:

    • Discovered clients can be searched for now by using user name, Alias, client ID, machine name and operating system.
    • Improved display of search results.
    • Discovery items can now be added to the Address Book using their context menu.
    • Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be toggled using 'Space'.


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-08-13
  • Developer: AnyDesk
  • Homepage: anydesk.com
  • Version: 5.2.2
  • File size: 2.79 MB
  • Downloads: 2,093
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: AnyDesk.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 731ed6d606258b84ac0f943935f0131d