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The Generic Resume Data Management System solves the problem of resume management. It lets employers do in minutes what used to require hours. This is how the system works: (1) You create a dedicated email account to receive the resumes. (2) Jobseekers download free client software from returnableforms.com/Downloads/options.asp. This download contains both the Generic Resume Form and the software needed to fill it out. (3) Jobseekers complete the resume forms and email them to your dedicated email address. (4) This Reporting Tool extracts each Generic Resume's data from that emaiil box and puts it into its database. It has 25 reports, a dozen charts, and a search engine. The Generic Resume Reporting Tool is free to use. Its default database is a Microsoft Access database file (although Access itself is not required). The Tool can work with other database systems, such as SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. However doing so requires the purchase of an Enhanced Database Key code. This system benefits employers in the following situations: (1) In Internet-Based Recruiting. Employers can create powerful prospect databases without having to share their information with competitors. (2) As a Skills Database. Companies can create instant capability statements. (3) In Job Fairs. Even if they collect hundreds of resumes in a short time, employers can still determine who are the most qualified applicants before leaving the job fair site. For those who purchase the enhanced database option, the data that is collected here can potentially be joined to other HR database systems.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-07
  • Developer: Working Solutions International
  • Homepage: www.worksol.net
  • Version: 3.1
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