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  • Notepad++ is one of the widely-used source code and text editor, which comes with many features and supports different languages. It is a highly productive tool, which is easy to work with.

    If your work is connected to programming, you require specialized software. Notepad++ is one of the best tools, which supports source code editing for different programming languages.

    Why Use Notepad++

    Notepad++ is a complex text editor, which is packed with additional functions compared to the Notepad. You should be attentive when you do the installation because numerous components can be unchecked to reduce the space on your hard disk. You can skip the localization files and the themes, yet it is recommended to install all the plugins to get a better programming experience. Notepad++ has a clean and intuitive user interface, where all the functions are grouped into specialized menus. It supports many common programming languages. It includes syntax highlighting for all of them. You can work with several documents at the same time. When it comes to development, you can deal with editing, searching, encoding, and running macros.

    The Key Functions:

    • Syntax Highlighting.
    • Syntax Folding.
    • WYSIWYG.
    • User Defined Syntax Highlighting.
    • Auto-completion functions.
    • Multi-Document support.
    • Multi-View mode.
    • Supports regular expression search/replace.
    • Supports Full Drag 'N' Drop.
    • File Status Auto-detection.
    • Zoom in/out
    • Multi-language support.
    • Bookmark.
    • Brace/Indent guideline.
    • Highlighting.
    • Macro recording and playback.


    The functionality of Notepad++ is great. Additional functions can be added with third-party plugins. All users of Windows are advised to give Notepad++ a try.

  • What's new in 7.6.6 version?

    Security enhancement: GPG Signature is provided for Notepad++ release.
    Fix a long waiting issue about file auto change detection: enhance "File status Auto-Detection" to avoid switching editing tab off behaviour.
    Fix encoding (language) detection regressions since v7.6.
    Fix a regression: double-clicking on a "find all in current document" result for an unsaved doc prompts to save it.
    Added close all unchanged tabs command.
    Restore deleted "Launch in browser" customized shortcuts in EU-FOSSA bounty program by implementing them in more secure way: Add "View Current
    Retain read only setting state in session.
    Enhancement: after file reload user can still undo.
    Fix a bug in command "Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines" and make it work with old Macintosh EOL.
    Fix UDL language marker bullet position, if UDL Name exceeds 14 characters, extend UDL names to max 64 characters.
    Enhance external call code to avoid eventual arbitrary commands execution. (EURO-FOSSA)
    Fix crash issue by command "On Selection->Open File" while the number of selected characters is exceed 2048. (EURO-FOSSA)
    Fix crash issue of User Define dialog while deleting a unallocated entry. (EURO-FOSSA)
    Fix crash issue on shortcut command while its length exceed 260. (EURO-FOSSA)
    Add an enhancement on "Open..." command to prevent from the eventual crash. (EURO-FOSSA)
    Fix stack Buffer Overflow in Command::extractArgs. (EURO-FOSSA)


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-05-07
  • Developer: Notepad++
  • Version: 7.6.6
  • File size: 3.41 MB
  • Downloads: 2,651
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: npp.7.6.6.Installer.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 0c800b1023015ea56e0646b104bcd6a2