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Google Clean allows you to protect your security and privacy by deleting Google apps traces and preventing data trafficking. It was designed to stop sending your personal data to third parties.

Every day we are using different applications developed by Google. It can be Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Analytics and many others. We know that these online services are almost always well-done and you may consider yourself safe when using them. But almost every Google app and online service is gathering user’s personal information. Fortunately there is Google Clean made by Abelssoft, which was developed to prevent your data from being sent to Google.  

Why to use Google Clean

Google apps, for example, are sending your personal information to third-parties for marketing purposes, but GClean, with easy-in-use interface and powerful tools, will help you in securing your privacy. 

With Google Clean you will be able to delete traces of Google apps on your computer and prevent data traffic. It supports all Google application and Google Chrome. With Google Clean you Moreover, GClean provides you with automatic application traces checking. Such function is very useful, because you should not spend your time to do it manually. Instead, Google Clean will check them automatically.  And, obviously, Google Clean is automatically removing all these traces and other data, which Google can provide to third parties. The program has not harmful impact on your computer or browser performance, so they will work as before the Google Clean installation. 

Features of Google Clean

GoogleClean requires only few clicks for installing and configuring. It will optimize browser’s settings to secure your privacy and to prevent you data from being sent to Google. With this app you will not need to delete all traces manually, because GClean will make it automatically.  Key features of Google Clean are:

  • Automatic check for apps tracing and automatic clean up
  • Turn off the data traffic features
  • Delete traces on your computer

From your side GoogleClean requires minimum activity and experience, because it is easy in use and, what is more important, GClean is performing most of its functions automatically.


All in all, GoogleClean is one of the best programs if you don’t want you personal information being sent to some third parties or being gathered by Google. GClean offers support with Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Toolbar, Google Analytics, YouTube and other. GClean is doing a heavy workload automatically and hasn’t any negative impact on your system. With this app you’ll be secured and your personal data will be protected.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-10-18
  • Developer: Ascora GmbH
  • Homepage: www.abelssoft.de
  • Version: 2019.200.10
  • File size: 8.06 MB
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  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
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