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Adobe AIR is a professional runtime for developers that enables them to deploy RIA application on other platforms, including Windows, Android, and Mac. This lightweight runtime was designed with an intuitive interface and useful features.

How Can Adobe AIR Help You to Create Cool Applications?

Adobe AIR is a multipurpose runtime that allows developers to create and launch applications on cross-platforms, or remake web apps into PC ones. This runtime has a straightforward and intuitive interface. Although this runtime system designed mostly for developers, beginners can also benefit from new compact setup procedures.

Now, developers can use this runtime to create bundle applications written in ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, and Flash. This also allows developers to build compact installers for multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS. The latest version of Adobe Air does not support Linux, as was decided by company lately.

It is a perfect opportunity to create applications that will have decent appearances, which always attracts users to install new software. The latest version of this runtime supports new graphics features, such as GPU rendering technologies. The latter technology is prevalent when it comes to applications with HD videos.

This runtime system allows you to use the best art animations along with 3D GPU accelerated graphics. It is worth mentioning that this runtime supports Adobe Access technology, which is a protection algorithm used in many areas. Using the latest version of this runtime, developers can notice the improved performance of the code thanks to its LZMA and text compression optimization.

Adobe AIR Key Features Include

  • It allows you to deploy RIA applications on Windows, Mac, and Android;
  • It has an intuitive interface;
  • It supports GPU rendering technology;
  • It will enable you to create applications with HD videos;
  • It supports Adobe Access Technology;


Overall, Adobe AIR is a runtime system for developers that allows them to deploy RIA on any platforms. This runtime enables developers to experience new challenges and create applications with HD content.

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