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Merchant ChargeBack Prevention Tool with BIN Number Lookup for Credit Card Issuers. Easily look up any CreditCard Bank and other Information to Help Verify Suspicious Sales. BanlLab is Free to Download and Free to use. No Limitations, Ads or spy ware. Unlimited BIN / IIN Lookups with No annoying Captcha code to enter. BANKLAB contain a large Payment Card Issuer Database of BIN / IIN information. Search over 130,000 BIN numbers with actual Issuer Data. Along with 230,000+ BIN Numbers with Country if Issuance. BL. Allows User Updates and Additions to the DB. BL. Requires No Installation and Can be run off a Portable Flash Drive. BL. Includes over 800 Images of actual Credit Cards. User can Easily Add or UPDATE BIN information in the DB. Just as easy users can add images of there own Cards. Personal Notes can also be stuck on any of the BIN results. Users may also Bookmark any Results page they wish. Not your basic or average MOD10 / Luhn Algorithm GEN. BL. Generator is Unrestricted in Every way Allowing you to create any length of a Number. Including 19 Digit Gift Cards. User can Create lists from 2 numbers long to the limitations of their Computer. A small Collection of Track 1 and 2 data. Here if needed User can compare Tracks of known swipes. Mod10 / Luhn Validation Check Numbers for validity against the Mod10 algorithm. Simply Start typing and when the number fits the LUHN algorithm it appears above in green.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-06
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  • Version: 1.1
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