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Apache OpenOffice is a program, which can replace the well-known MS Office. It features a lot of convenient tools for writing projects, creating spreadsheets or designing professional-looking presentations.

Are you going to stop using MS Office and find a good alternative? What about using Apache OpenOffice, which is a more affordable alternative to the popular MS Office. It brings solutions for every tool bundled into Microsoft Office Suite.

Why Use Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice has almost the same powerful functions as Microsoft's software package. You can set up only the components you need for your work, by selecting them. You should check twice before making your choices.

There is nothing difficult in using Apache OpenOffice, once you get used to the main menus. Sure, it can be a little bit confusing for first-time users, but it's only the way such a complex software can interact.

You will enjoy exploring all the multiple tools at your disposal. The part, which is called “Writer” is designed as a replacement for Microsoft Word. You can check the spelling, insert tables, pictures, files, or graphs into your documents, change formatting, build macros, switch to other languages, and install different extensions. The part, which is called “Calc” is equivalent to Excel, and it has spreadsheet functions, filters, forms, charts, and drawings. Finally, the part called “Impress” works like PowerPoint and helps you make your presentations more appealing.

The Key Features Are:

  • A full-featured word processor.
  • A full spreadsheet functionality.
  • A full-featured presentation tool.
  • Drawing tools (vector and bitmap images).
  • Database access.
  • MS Office compatibility.
  • One-click export to PDF.
  • Can now be used by handicapped people.
  • Supports many languages.
  • Open XML file format.
  • MySQL integration.
  • 3rd party add-ons.
  • Macro recorder.
  • XML file filter tool.
  • ActiveX control.
  • Support for DocBook and PDA File Formats


Apache OpenOffice is a reliable software, which comprises all the necessary tools to replace MS Office. It runs smooth, without popping errors or freezing.

What's new in 4.1.7 version?

New Features:

  • Support AdoptOpenJDK
  • Adds support for AdoptOpenJDK as well as Oracle Java


  • Performance Improvements/Enhancements

Other Improvements/Enhancements:

Bug Fixes:

Highlighted Improvements/Enhancements:

  • For a complete overview of all resolved issues please see the see the list in Bugzilla


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-10-08
  • Developer: OpenOffice.org
  • Homepage: www.openoffice.org
  • Version: 4.1.7
  • File size: 127.86 MB
  • Downloads: 1,247
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.7_Win_x86_install_en-GB.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 00776195d99fe3df6c23350ac46c1f4c