Today anime has become a worldwide phenomenon watched by thousands of thousands. In the beginning, all anime was in the Japanese language, but as it gained more and more popularity, enthusiasts (and later professionals) started translating it. It has become a truly unique separate genre with all kinds of stories: horror, comedy, action, detective, romance, and many others. The graphics used in anime, characters, plot twists, sounds – this is why we love anime, and you probably too, otherwise you won’t be here reading this article!

Anime fans hate to miss new episodes of ongoing series and also love to re-watch older titles and shows. But it gets kinda hard when they are traveling or working on the important project. Millions of anime lovers on the planet watch anime on their cable TV, but when it is not possible, they start searching for anime online.

If you want to know where you can watch English dubbed anime online, you came to the right place! Today we’re going to talk about our favorite websites for streaming anime. You would be surprised but you can easily watch English dubbed anime for free, you just need to know where! We created a list with our top 10 picks for watching anime dubbed in English. So let’s roll.


AnimeHeaven - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Without any doubt, one of the best platforms to watch dubbed anime online. Anime Heaven has accumulated a colossal database of all kinds of English dubbed anime that you can watch for free. Simplistic and user-friendly interface adds even more points to the website’s score on our list. You already know what you would like to watch today? Just use the search box and get into it in a few clicks. Or just browse different categories, genres, check popular or ongoing sections to make your final decision.

Usability of Anime Heaven is outstanding – any title can found without any hassle. They even made a separate section for watching English dubbed anime and subbed anime. Just one click is all that you need to see the full list of titles, movies, and series dubbed in English. All the anime is presented in alphabetical order from A to Z. You can click on the one you like and start watching right away. After selecting an anime, you will see the list of available episodes you can watch on the website.

Each anime episode is available in different resolutions including 720 p HD. Another super useful feature that is not usually available on other websites – the download option. Anime Heaven allows you to download any English dubbed anime from the site to watch it later without access to the Web. Traveling anime fans will love it.

Check Anime Heaven:


Kissanime - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Kissanime is another good choice to watch anime online. You can find many English dubbed anime lists here. All your favorite titles are sorted and can be accessed by clicking an alphabet letter. For even better user convenience the admin team added categories such as action, comedy, harem, historical, drama, and others. They are neatly placed on the right sidebar. In order to watch an episode, you just need click on the desired video and answer the captcha – after that, you will have full access to the video.

The Kissanime database has more than 1500 English dubbed anime with full episodes, of course. It is a really impressive collection, especially if you take into account that the platform supports multiple video resolutions from unwatchable 240p and 360p to ok-ish 480p/720p and amazing full HD. The only minus we see on Kissanime – no download options. You can only watch anime online here. But hey, there is a comment section in any anime category!

Check Kissanime:


FUNimation - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

This pick is very specific since it is limited only to users from Canada and the US, so not all anime fans can access it. Nevertheless, it is a great streaming platform with a few unique features that convinced us to include the website in our top 10 list. Long story short, it has a colorful and unique design that cannot help but fall in love with. Many other services that allow watching dubbed anime for free are filled with endless ads, which is totally understandable. On FUNimation, however, you can get ad-free access to the anime collection that will cost you no more than $5.99 per month.

Another cool thing you can rarely see on such websites is a shop with all kinds of merchandise, DVDs, Blu-rays, apparel, toys, games, action figures, collectibles, and accessories. It is a small piece of heaven on the Web for anime fans. FUNimation makes it to the top league of anime streaming websites with little but awesome additions like this one. All premium content on this website can be watched in HD quality. We should also mention that some anime is available for free after registration.

Check FUNimation:


Gogoanime - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Another wonderful website where you can enjoy watching anime online. On Gogoanime you will find all popular anime titles. They are divided into categories and lists for your convenience. If you are looking for the English dubbed anime, just click the “Dub” button on the main page and select the one you want from the list. Gogoanime allows you to watch anime online for free. It does have the HD and Full HD quality. The video can be streamed from several servers – which one to choose is up to you. Plus, you can download anime you like in the HD quality to watch it later without an Internet connection.

Furthermore, you can become a community member after signing up and create lists with favorite anime to re-watch them later. All titles on Gogoanime have all the episodes, so don’t worry about being unable to watch a complete season. Ongoing series are also presented here along with free anime movies.

Check Gogoanime:


Crunchyroll - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Crunchyroll is also a reputable and well-known website where you can watch English dubbed anime for free. Its gigantic collection of dubbed and subbed won’t leave you disappointed as you can watch each episode of your favorite anime in great quality. The website has a simple yet attractive design with separate sections such as shows, manga, news, and even a forum! All videos are categorized, so you can find what you need rather fast: genres (comedy, action, drama, etc.), seasons (Winter 2018, Fall 2017, and so on), simulcasts, popular, alphabetical, and recently updated.

Crunchyroll offers two options for using their website: free trial and premium plan package. You can start your free trial right away, and it lasts 14 days. Premium gets you unlimited access to all anime on the website for $6.95 per month. Crunchyroll supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, and other.

Check Crunchyroll:


It would be hard to find a website or anime streaming platform with the video base bigger than this one. The name of the website lets you know from the start that you will find only dubbed anime here and almost exclusively in English. There is a download section that you can use to download any video you like. All episodes for each series are presented with their ratings. Browse common popular categories such as Action, Drama, Horror, Comedy, and other to find the most interesting anime you will surely enjoy.

Justdubs is the place where you can find all popular anime and watch it anytime without paying a cent. In addition, you can discuss the episodes with the community. The content on Justdubs is updated regularly, so you will never miss out any ongoing series and huge releases.

Check Justdubs:


AnimeFreak - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Anime Freak is a well-known anime streaming site. Western anime fans love it for providing high-quality English-translated anime. An enormous collection of anime is one of the main attractions of the platform. At the moment of writing this articles, the number of available videos exceeds 1400. Most of them are subbed, but you can also find plenty of dubbed titles here. You can browse them by genre, name, and others. And the best thing about Anime Freak that it is updated daily! The site provides multiple videos for each episode, so if you have problems with one streaming server, you can always switch to another and continue watching anime online. There is also an Android app that lets Android users transfer their viewing experience on their smartphones,

Just like many other streaming services of this nature, Anime Freak runs ads. But don’t you worry as there only one or two per vid and only due to the source websites where videos were taken from. If you are not sure what anime you would like to watch tonight, you should check the rating available for each show. In case, you already know the name of the anime you need, just use search for fast access to it.

Check AnimeFreak:


Animeland - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

This website was created for people who enjoy watching dubbed anime online and cannot live without their favorite anime shows. All presented movies and episodes on Animeland are available in high definition without any hassle or stupid viewing conditions. The interface seems to be ascetic, but it has everything you need to watch and search videos. Users can download any episode they want in order to watch it offline. All shows, movies, and episodes are well-organized, so finding what you need usually takes a few seconds.

Check Animeland:


All top anime in one place and available for watching online for free. If you a big anime fan, then you should definitely add this website to your favorites. It contains ongoing series, full movies, and OVAs too. More than 35 different categories, tons of daily updated content, and a pleasant viewing experience. Enjoy browsing 9anime huge selection of titles and add some to your favorites. Already watching a particular anime? No problem! Just type its name in the search box and start watching it online. 9anime provides tons of English dubbed movies, so western anime fans can always switch from subbed versions. The website offers the best of two worlds – the possibility to choose that lets users switch between viewing options.

Another major plus of 9anime – it is a super-secured and safe website for anime lovers. And it is very user-friendly as well. Filter your search by genres, types, year, and even language! To watch English dubbed anime on this platform, you just need to set language-filtered results to ‘dubbed.’ Want to go even deeper, huh? Then apply new filtering options to the list of dubbed anime! If you know what you came here for, then don’t waste your time on filters and just use search to find the needed anime by checking alphabetical list of titles. You may not always find a dubbed version specific anime here. When it happens, you have two options: either switch to the subbed version or request the title you want to be added. Neat feature, is not it?

Check 9anime:


Animestreams - Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

If you have made it to the end of our top 10 list, then you must be a true anime fan! So here is the last (but definitely not the least) site we recommend for watching English dubbed anime online. Animestreams has become a home for the most popular titles of past and present. The interface is minimalistic yet looks cool. The content showed to visitors is perfectly organized and there are no annoying advertisements in your face whatsoever! The video starts playing without any captchas and pre-rolls. Incredible.

After opening the link to the website, you will see the home page with recent releases. On the sidebar to the right, you can check ongoing series listed by their upload status. It is a great website to keep track of new anime you haven’t seen yet. If you prefer dubbed English anime, just click the “English Dub” tab atop and be amazed at the huge selection of dubbed videos in front of your eyes.

Check Animestreams:

Final words

This is all for our top picks for best websites for watching anime online. We are pretty sure that they will cover all your anime needs. All websites we mentioned are working perfectly and have their pluses and minuses, so the final choice is yours as always! Sadly, anime streaming services are being shut down each year. If that happens in the near future, we will update our Top 10 list. Good luck, anime fans!