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There is a wide range of media sources that contain video and audio files of high-quality format available in the world today. These files contain information that should entertain and engage audiences while influencing public opinion and shaping society. Despite the quantity of content that is freely available, most people are unable to access them conveniently.

Media files are often stored in various devices including local drives, CDs, DVDs, and USB thumb drives as well as cloud storage. A good media player makes it possible for you to access and enjoy these audio and video files comfortably regardless of your location. VLC Media Player ensures that you get the best quality out of your media collection at virtually no cost.

How Can VLC Media Player Help With Your Media?

VLC Media Player is open-source software that is able to play several media files in various formats across multiple platforms. It is very popular among computer users because of its compatibility with numerous audio and video formats.

The installation process is easy and it does not require heavy use of system resources. It has a simple interface with a lot of options to give you full control of the media output. The interface is customizable with a couple of default skins and the ability to download more to change its entire layout. You are also able to add subtitles to videos through an SRT file.

VLC Media Player can play large audio and video files which can be accessed and organized through the playlist editor. The drag and drop feature helps you sort files and arrange them in the desired playing sequence. There is also a list of available radio channels to choose from as long as you have a live internet connection.

It features a 12-band equalizer that enables you to adjust sound frequency for high-quality output. There are preset equalizer settings to choose from for memorable listening experience. You can also adjust video output properties and effects like geometry, crop, color and so on. It supports fullscreen mode and a couple of audio visualization options.

Although the GUI offers a lot of functions, there are more capabilities that can be accessed through the VLC command line. It also has a built-in “screen grabber” feature that lets you capture a screenshot of your memorable moment in your favorite motion picture. There is a “clone” module that lets you play a particular video in separate windows on your computer. This is useful when tweaking display setting to enable you to compare separate video outputs.

VLC Media Player supports streaming of multiple files using the “multicast” feature with support for IPv6. It supports a couple of add-ons for extended functionalities and integrates seamlessly with the File Explorer context menu on Windows operating system. It can open incomplete audio and video files making it possible for you to preview files while they are still downloading.

You can play files from external devices like thumb drives, CDs and DVDs. You can also play a whole folder that contains video and audio files from the Windows Explorer context menu.

Key Features of VLC Media Player Include:

  • Supports multicast;
  • Command line support;
  • Screen grabber feature;
  • Windows Explorer integration;
  • Clone module for display on videos in separate windows;
  • Audio visualization;
  • 12-band equalizer;
  • Connect to radio channels;
  • Supports subtitle SRT files.


VLC Media Player is a powerful tool that can handle almost all video and audio file formats, making it a must-have for all computer users. For those that cannot do without their music and video file, getting an all-in-one solution that enables you to organize and play your favorite content is all you need.

What's new in 3.0.8 version?


  • Fix stuttering for low framerate videos


  • Fix channel ordering in some MP4 files
  • Fix glitches in TS over HLS
  • Add real probing of HLS streams
  • Fix HLS MIME type fallback


  • Fix WebVTT subtitles rendering

Stream filter:

  • Improve network buffering


Update Youtube script

Audio Output:

  • macOS/iOS: Fix stuttering or blank audio when starting or seeking when using
  • external audio devices (bluetooth for example)
  • macOS: Fix AV synchronization when using external audio devices

Video Output:

  • Direct3D11: Fix hardware acceleration for some AMD drivers

Stream output:

  • Fix transcoding when the decoder does not set the chroma


  • Fix a buffer overflow in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14970)
  • Fix a read buffer overflow in the avcodec decoder (CVE-2019-13962)
  • Fix a read buffer overflow in the FAAD decoder
  • Fix a read buffer overflow in the OGG demuxer (CVE-2019-14437, CVE-2019-14438)
  • Fix a read buffer overflow in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14776)
  • Fix a use after free in the MKV demuxer (CVE-2019-14777, CVE-2019-14778)
  • Fix a use after free in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14533)
  • Fix a couple of integer underflows in the MP4 demuxer (CVE-2019-13602)
  • Fix a null dereference in the dvdnav demuxer
  • Fix a null dereference in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14534)
  • Fix a null dereference in the AVI demuxer
  • Fix a division by zero in the CAF demuxer (CVE-2019-14498)
  • Fix a division by zero in the ASF demuxer (CVE-2019-14535)


  • Update to a newer libmodplug version (


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-08-19
  • Developer: VideoLAN
  • Homepage: www.videolan.org
  • Version: 3.0.8
  • File size: 38.88 MB
  • Downloads: 2,083
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: vlc-3.0.8-win32.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 3d954f1ef3b43309f52837b53b893d8f