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As a programmer, some of the IDE editor used nowadays have certain flaws that would cause delays in the execution and delivery of your project in a timely manner. Some of this limitations found in some IDE applications is due to the lack of extensions tools. Unlike VS Code, its extensions enable you to do so much more. For example, you can add more languages, debuggers, and tools to your installation to reinforce your development workflow. Visual Studio Code was designed by Microsoft to act as a source code editor. It’s appreciated by all kinds of users since it is compatible with various operating systems - Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

It’s a hypersonic and lightweight Source Code Editor that can be used to edit, run, view, and debug source codes for various applications, and the software was mainly designed for front-end developers when building websites. Basically, it will be difficult for regular PC users to grasps its functionality due to heavy technical terminologies.

Why use Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is  indeed an extraordinary application for web developers. In Spite of that, many similar tools exist in the market, however, none of these tools are as feature-rich with an outstanding functionalities, like the VS code command line. This application is a lightweight but a reliable source code editor that runs on the desktop of your PC.

VS Code comes with multiple languages and versions that enable you to select the one that is suitable for your operating system. So it’s available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Furthermore, it’s been equipped with built-in support for TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js and has a large collection of extensions for other languages, such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Go, and many others. It’s even compatible with Runtimes, such as NET and Unity.

This application is established throughout Github's Election. Some of it elements are based on HTML5 and JavaScript which makes it a cross-platform of the Atom code- editing component. VS Code is actually a complete IDE editor, especially, for developers working with open cloud technologies from Microsoft, and the installation process of this software is not complicated as it can be completed in a couple of minutes. To get started, you just need to be sure that you select the perfect compatibility with your PC’s operating system. Then, proceed to download the installer. Once it is downloaded, run the installer. It will take only a minute or alternatively you can download a Zip archive, extract it, and then run the Code from there.

Here is one of the vital information one should take into consideration, the application can be installed on Windows 7 OS. However, a higher version of NET Framework is necessary, in order to properly install VS Code on Windows 7 OS or at least a NET Framework of 4.5.2 version must be installed prior to its installation.

Key Features of Visual Studio Code Include:

  • Visual Studio Code CLI: Equipped with a command line interface that enables you to install or uninstall command paths, open the command, and view of some useful tool;
  • Git Integration: Visual Studio Code is compatible with Git that allows for adding, pulling, and pushing changes to a remote Git repository using a simple GUI;
  • Debugging: VS Code rich API is just one in a million tools that enables debugging. Regardless of the language used, plug-ins are in place to support your language;
  • Live Share: Users can share their projects live and in real-time. Meaning, you can be coding and it will appear on your browser simultaneously. Visual Studio Code Live Share is a feature that enables you to share your VS Code instantly, allowing anyone to have control remotely, and to run other things, such as debuggers;
  • Split Views, Zen Mode: This feature allows you to work with multiple editor on one project. It enables a split-view of all your projects. Zen mode allows you to focus on your code with minimal distraction;
  • Integrated Terminal: The VS Code Integrated Terminal pops up on the side of your screen, and is accessible by clicking on the view. It enables you to configure some useful settings;
  • Plugins and Themes: Once again, you have access to the VS Code API-rich library, empowering developers to design some incredible plugins, like Linters, Language support, Gits docker, and many others;
  • Extension Marketplace: VS code extension marketplace is phenomenal, rich in almost everything a developer requires to enhance their coding skills and can be installed as well as uninstalled comfortably.


In conclusion, Visual Studio Code is an outstanding editor among it peers. This IDE application can adapt to many languages and technologies used today, and this can make users to enjoy coding even more, thanks to its simplicity in operation as well as in functionality.

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