VirtualDJ 2020 Build 5402

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Virtual DJ is a simple application for Windows users that enables them to create and mix songs. This application can be handy for newbie DJs.

It has an intuitive interface along with multiple features and options for mixing sound.

How Virtual DJ Can Help You to Create Music Mix Songs

Virtual DJ is a simple application for MP3 files that allows you to edit and mix songs within minutes. Once you install it successfully, you can quickly use its main features, regardless of your computer skills. With this application, you are provided with the opportunity to create original tunes from your personal computer or apply various effects to your favorite MP3 tracks.

It is worth mentioning that this application also comes with an extensive set of professional tools. Both beginners and experienced users can quickly learn how to utilize these tools and manipulate this application properly. Virtual DJ provides users with a unique ability to edit songs by applying various audio effects. This way, you can change songs and mix them with brand-new sounds.

In the main window, you have a small station for DJ, and you can see how many features are integrated into this application. Use a dynamic beat visualizer to edit your songs in lots of ways.

Furthermore, this application allows users to utilize 3 band equalizers, OSC network synchronization, and a real scratch simulation. Since Virtual DJ comes with many helpful features, music enthusiasts can try their hands at becoming DJs. It is worth mentioning that this application also supports karaoke and a BeatLock engine.

Virtual DJ Key Features Include

  • It allows users to mix songs;
  • It allows users to apply various audio effects;
  • It allows users to create original mix tunes;
  • It provides users with an extensive set of additional features;
  • It allows users to use various editing parameters for tunes;
  • It has an intuitive interface;
  • It has a pack of skins.


Overall, Virtual DJ is a simple application for Windows that allows users to mix and edit songs. Thanks to its straightforward interface, both experienced users and beginners can quickly learn how to edit and add effects to songs.

What's new in 2020 Build 5402 version?

  • Reloop Elite support
  • DJM-250MKII support
  • Optional extra sampler toolbar for sampler effects and sampler master volume
  • fix loop_button when used with reloop
  • goto "loopsize" works on endless rotary knobs
  • effect_bank_save and effect_bank_load
  • Fix OS2L not sending beat when key change is applied
  • Improve accuracy and update speed of bpm detection on Line In decks
  • loaded action also active when line in activated on deck
  • Fix rhythm wave for line in on deck
  • Brakestart effect also works on line in deck, sampler, mic and master effects
  • Fix aspect ratio incorrect on 64-bit build if loading a video with a square pixel aspect ratio after a video with a non-square pixel aspect ratio
  • Fix reading traktor cue points from mp3's
  • Fix boothMicrophone not working when master output present
  • saved_loop_display action, savedLoopDisplay config option and added to saved loop pad page
  • sampler_volume 'all' 100% to reset sample bank volumes
  • Master mix in headphones now includes master and post-fader effects
  • AV1 video codec supported on windows
  • Fix OLED screens on Prime4 on mac text not cleared on update


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-11-30
  • Developer: Elaborate Bytes
  • Homepage:
  • Version: 2020 Build 5402
  • File size: 38.04 MB
  • Downloads: 6,285
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: install_virtualdj_2020_b5402_pc.msi
  • MD5 Checksum: f748c26abd0ac75f99e10a7def912f38