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If you have ever experienced sudden system crash while working on some important task, then you can understand how annoying these crashes can be. You can end up losing your work if the application doesn’t support auto-save mode, and have to start from scratch.

Or you can pay heavily to experienced computer technicians to fix what could be resolved using a designated tool for such issues. That’s exactly what Free Registry Cleaner is offering its users. A safe and reliable tool to help users repair system crashes.

Why is Free Registry Cleaner Useful?

There are a number of reasons why you will experience Windows crashing midway a computer activity or in other cases, you might receive notifications of errors, without a clue as to how or what caused it. These errors may be caused by incorrect installations, incorrect software installations, missing drivers, corrupted hardware drivers, and other seemingly insignificant things that have piled up over time.

Either, they slow down your system’s performance to a crash or some applications stop working abruptly without warnings. So, say goodbye to outdated data and Windows crashes as this application is here to help. Free Registry Cleaner is a great tool for Windows system registry as it helps to optimize your computer’s performance. Just as the name suggests, this tool can be downloaded free of charge and has a straightforward function which is to keep your Windows system registry free of bugs, junk or corrupted files.

The installation process does not require any technical skills and users with various levels of expertise can go through installations without difficulties. The other thing that makes this application appealing to users, are the main features and its overall function. Free Registry Cleaner has the ability to scan your entire Windows registry for unwanted data clogging up the system. No worries, this scannings happen in the background and doesn’t interfere with other system processes or screen activities.

So all the spontaneous crashes and system errors you encounter while working on your computer should cease after this software has been installed successfully and activated. The user interface is somewhat archaic and novice PC users may find navigating it a tad bit boring. However, once you get the hang of its functions, you should be good to go.

On the interface, you will notice 3 main functions on the left-side - Scan Registry issues, Repair registry issues and Restore previous registry. Below these three key functions, you will notice a panel with access to your computer and its files. There, you can click to select which files to scan, repair or restore. Apart from direct access to your computer’s system, you are offered a number of other functions to help narrow down specific files to work with. On the right-side of the main window, you have a panel that shows a visual representation of all the files you selected on the smaller left-side panel. Everything is displayed so you can deselect on a file type before scanning begins.

Key features of Free Registry Cleaner include:

  • Scans your Windows registry for unwanted files and data;
  • Identifies and repairs any issues found that might be causing system errors;
  • Offers a basic, user-friendly interface;
  • Cleans up your Windows registry by removing invalid data;
  • Backs up your registries and restores the previous ones in case of crashes;
  • Improves your PC’s overall performance;
  • Stabilizes your Windows PC;
  • Deletes any remaining files of uninstalled software;
  • Supports multiple languages;
  • It’s lightweight and takes up minimum memory space;
  • Compatible with all Windows versions;
  • It is free to download;
  • Fixes bugs and stabilizes your system.


Overall, Free Registry Cleaner does more than just scanning your Windows registry for unwanted data or invalid information, it offers the ability to restore backed up registries too and to repair corrupted registry issues that are repairable. Users are provided with a list of system errors found and you can decide to fix them or remove them. These functions greatly optimizes your PC’s overall performance. The interface is basic and can be boring for sophisticated PC users, however, it gets the job done, which makes using it quite beneficial.

What's new in 4.3 version?

  • Added some ignore keys.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


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