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If you are one of these people who constantly save files on the desktop without ever sorting through them, you know that with each new icon, navigation becomes more difficult. What if you could just search for the name or the fragment of the needed file to find it in a matter of seconds? Well, you can because there is a tool that works just like Google but, for the desktop. Samurize is a search engine for desktop files which also performs functions of the advanced file monitoring system. This means that unlike in Google, you can also preview, edit, and remove files. 

How Can Samurize Boost Your PC?

Samurize was initially designed for Microsoft 2000-2003 but it’s now supported by all Windows versions, including the latest ones. You can find your desktop files by name or text fragments, receive real-time weather reports straight to the desktop widget, updates on your PC games and even recent social media posts. 

Basically, the tool’s purpose is to make all the crucial information available straight from the desktop. You don’t have to access storage or compulsively refresh social media online since all the updates are loaded on your PC automatically. The software supports Python, JavaScript, Ruby scripts as well as DLL plugins. By inserting the script into the client, you will receive new updates on your online activity or PC system changes.

Samurize has a built-in config editor that allows you to modify software’s features, personalizing your desktop experience. Since the config uses a technical language, beginners can easily get lost and make unnecessary configurations. That’s why it’s recommended that inexperienced users work with the default settings. 

Samurize Key Features Include:

  • Control all the key characteristics of your PC system with real-time updates on CPU usage, desk utilization, network traffic, speed, and others;
  • Customize your desktop experience by adding new widgets and icons, and even inserting JavaScript, Ruby, or Python scripts;
  • Monitor multiple computers simultaneously;
  • Intuitive interface with upper menus, side panels, and taskbar;
  • Multi Monitor mode for those who work with many screens simultaneously;
  • Available on all Windows versions.


Samurize is a comfortable desktop manager that delivers real-time updates on your system conditions such as network speed, traffic, CPU usage, storage space. You can also connect online widgets to receive prompt weather updates, see the latest news headlines, and get social media updates straight to your desktop. The flexible config makes the tool customizable and universal. However, inexperienced users would should better stick to the default settings since the software doesn’t provide insights on how each setting affects the tool.

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More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-07-12
  • Developer: Samurize
  • Version: 1.64.3
  • File size: 5.31 MB
  • Downloads: 3,043
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: samurize_1.64.3_2.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 179bdf484b7ae63cae970a9b96c184ba