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There are times that you receive an error message from Windows stating your system cannot render a certain application. This can be very annoying, especially if you have spent valuable time and data downloading the game or screen-saver. OpenGL Extension Viewer ensures that your Personal Computer is capable of running certain applications, so you do not waste valuable time downloading and installing a software that is incompatible with your system. OpenGL Extension Viewer is capable of displaying relevant information about your OpenGL 3D accelerator, as well as affording you the opportunity to explore and view details about the extensions. Professional users have a further option to disable these extensions.

OpenGL Extension Viewer is developed by realtech VR for Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 10, Windows 8 (64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64 bit), and Windows 7 Operating Systems. You are required to have at least eleven point two megabytes (11.2 MB) free memory space on your computer’s drive to be able to install this application. This programming software will ensure that your computer is capable of running certain applications without receiving error messages, by displaying relevant information about the OpenGL 3D accelerator and viewing details about the extensions. Your computer is required to also have .NET Framework to be able to use this application.

Why You Should Use OpenGL Extension Viewer

If you want to find your computer’s spec, this application is the best choice. Several OpenGL extensions and extensions to related API’s like GLU, GLX, and WGL have already been defined by the appropriate vendor or group of vendors. The extension registry’s maintenance is carried out by SGI containing modules for popular extensions, that are written as modifications to the specific documents. Naming conventions, as well as guidelines for creating new extensions, writing suitable extension specifications, and every other related documentation are defined by the registry. If you are connected to the internet, you will be able to retrieve from the SGI the specifications of the extension so you will have a good understanding of the extensions that are available.

OpenGL Extension Viewer has an intuitive interface that is easier to navigate around. This Windows program is very reliable and will analyze the hardware and software of your PC, providing you with details concerning the vendor name, the version implemented, the adapter RAM, the renderer name and model, and the extensions of the current OpenGL 3D accelerator. All these values are essential to the performance of your computer’s rendering ability. Hence if you have a good graphics card, as well as more RAM modules have the ability to boost your PC significantly. You can test the graphic’s renderer manually, making use of tests provided by OpenGL Extension Viewer. In the event that your PC slows down after this manual tests have been conducted, it is advisable that you select a lower screen resolution. These tests are capable of assessing the functionality of OpenGL 1.1 to OpenGL 3.1, as well as combining screen resolutions, texture LOD bias, multisampling as well as other effects like PBuffer or fog.

It is normal to find the performance of the computer hampered from time to time. This is most noticeable during performance tests. However, you do not have to worry, as it is a normal occurrence and not a cause for panic. Your Personal Computer’s configuration largely affects how this application works. That is, if you have a new computer, you can expect this software to run better than it would on an old Windows machines. The response time is also determined by these parameters. The new Windows Vista-like interface of OpenGL Extension Viewer makes it very easy for a novice user to handle this software, and it also has enough functionality for a professional user to enjoy using. OpenGL Extension Viewer is completely free to download and install. It also does not occupy too much space on your system’s drive, and will also not have a serious impact on your system’s resources while running. It is essential to note that you are required to have .NET Framework on your computer for this application to work.

Key Features Of OpenGL Extension Viewer Includes:

  • Requires .NET Framework.
  • .NET 2.0 technology that makes the user interface to be easily navigated.
  • Direct X Version Check (Direct X 9, Direct X 10, and Shader Model).
  • It comes with a much better OpenGL driver version detection available only in Windows Vista.
  • Driver Update and DirectX update.
  • There is an improved software update mechanism alongside database versioning.
  • Enables you to know your computer’s spec, so you don’t download and install applications that are not supported.
  • Displays vendor name, the version implemented, renderer name as well as extensions of current OpenGL 3D accelerator.


OpenGL Extension Viewer is a great application for determining your computer’s spec. OpenGL Extension Viewer is capable of displaying relevant information about your OpenGL 3D accelerator, as well as affording you the opportunity to explore and view details about the extensions. Professional users have a further option to disable these extensions.

What's new in 5.3.4 Build version?

  • Updated video memory size using AMD and nVidia GL Extensions. This now reports more than 4GB size. Adding GPU processor clock for AMD video cards.
  • nVidia and AMD drivers version are now reported properly.
  • Fixed an issue with WMI 'AdapterRAM' crashing at startup.
  • Improved database navigation.


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  • Developer: realtech VR
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  • Version: 5.3.4 Build
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  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
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