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Black Bird System Info is a tool designed to provide users with full information on the hardware of your PC. It is not just about the model and manufacturer of CPU - it is about disclosing specifications of hardware elements in your computer. We rarely know much about the hardware in our computers and Black Bird System Info helps us to fill this gap. It is useful if you want to upgrade your PC. For example, if you want to replace the graphics card with a more powerful one you can use this solution to compare the one you already have with those you can afford.

Without this software, you would have to use the manufacturer’s apps to figure all details about your equipment or even dive into BIOS. Black Bird system Info allows you to gather all necessary data in one window. The solution is not intended to make adjustments in your system settings or updating drivers. It is designed for those who want to get a deeper look in the hardware they own. Mainly it fits those who permanently upgrade their computers.

Black Bird System Info Features

Along with getting a full report about your hardware you also can gather system info. All details about your BIOS, network and OS can be viewed in a separate section. When it comes to hardware you can figure out things like CPU address width, asset tag, status, current clock speed, and many others. Though, some data is only available in the paid version of the Black Bird System Info. The program runs on low resources so you can use the computer while it is conducting the analysis. The software is compatible with all Windows versions. What is notable about Black Bird System Info is an interface. It looks well, it is intuitive and emphasizes the most important characteristics. 


Black Bird System Info is a good choice if you decided to upgrade your computer and do not know what to start from. It is also a must-have for hardware enthusiasts.

What's new in version?

  • Reduced the number of connections to the Internet.


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