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AIDA64 Extreme is an improved system diagnostics utility that assembles vital info on any computer’s software and hardware configuration. It allows users to check the ability of CPU, FPU, and memory by carrying out complex benchmarks. That is to say that this program is designed for professional PC users.

It is hardware detection that is matchless in its class. It offers a piece of well-detailed information about the software that is installed and gives diagnostics support and functions for overclocking. It helps monitors sensors in real-time such as gathering correct voltage, fan speed reading, and temperature. 

Its diagnostic abilities can help you detect and also stop any hardware issues. There are also benchmarks for taking out the measurement of either the performance of any particular hardware components or the entire system. This is compatible with every 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions, which includes Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

One thing that should note is obtaining the correct info of your PC depends on the level of your skill – however, a beginner can still get the data they want for as long as a specialized application is used such as AIDA64 Extreme.

How Can AIDA64 Extreme Help You?

The application does not need any installation onto the host PC for it to function well. However, it doesn’t generate new Windows Registry Keys or extra files. The different varieties of PC info have been categorized into significant groups. 

In addition to providing a correct overview of your PC’s software and hardware components, this application has numerous types of benchmarks. For instance, you can use the entire stability by operating the system stability test that controls the HDD and CPU temperatures.

AIDA64 offers over 50 different pages of info on hardware configuration and more than 50 pages of any installed applications, software licenses, security programs, Windows settings, and among others. This program can carry a stability test that does use of a 64-bit multi-threaded stress test module in driving the PC to its total limits. Other tests such as SSD, Hard disk, and OpenCL GPGPU video tests are also available. 

It has the right hardware discovery abilities in its category, to give info on the internals of any computer without you opening it. The hardware discovery module is supported by an in-depth hardware folder holding of more than 200,000 entries.

It implements a group of 64-bit benchmarks to assess how quickly the PC performs different data processing tasks and other arithmetical calculations. Cache benchmarks and Multi-threaded memory are available in order to evaluate the RAM of system latency and bandwidth. 

It can build an ideal or custom panel you can ever think that will fit your rig to keep an eye on all the different sensors, utilization, cooling system, and among others. With the Sensor Panel, you can make use of several graphs, customs images, and gauges together with the static or dynamic texts that are connected to the entire sensor data ‘AIDA64 Extreme’ can understand your PC and leave them lying on an empty canvas in the desired way you want.

It can show important system data on different variety of VFD/LCD devices that are connected to the PC. The current AIDA64 Extreme that was released can support more than 50 VFD and LCD screens, and also introduces wireless remote monitoring of some sensor values on tablets and Smartphones.

AIDA64 supports more than 250 different sensor devices in order to measure voltages and power draw. The measured values can be shown on a system like Desktop Gadget, Tray icons, OSD panel, Razer SwitchBlade, G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD, and among others. The setup procedure for this application is simple and fast. 

AIDA64 comes in a user-friendly interface that is neat and well organized, where all info on the PC components has been broken down into different categories. It is quite enormous and covers wide-ranging areas of the computer, such as power management, sensor, and overlock.

The detailed information can be derived when it has to do with the motherboard (chipset, CPU, BIOS), operating system (system drivers, DLL files, processes), server (local and global groups, shares), display (OpenGL, GPU, multi-monitor), multimedia (video codecs and audio), storage (optical and physical drives), and network ( IE cookies, routes) and among others.

When it has to do with memory testing, FPU, CPU together with this software, evaluate the processor, CPU clock, chipset motherboard, and RAM to grade the PC in a list with other computers by using comparison, which depends on the hardware configuration. Info from any preferred or every area can be exported to other reports for more evaluation on safekeeping and examination.

In as much as AIDA64 Extreme configuration is concerned, it is likely possible to change to another user interface language, alter the layout order, point the output file for generating reports, add custom components in order to keep an eye, and lots more.

There are some unique capabilities that are used to access system memory, processor performance, and disk drives. This software for Windows PC comprises of three business editions and a home edition. The company’s information technology asset organization offers hardware diagnostic features, while a dedicated network solution called AIDA64 Extreme is made available.

Key Features of AIDA64 Extreme Include:

  • Fast installation and well-arranged interface.
  • Detailed investigation for every computer component.
  • Configuration of computer setting.
  • Advanced support for Ice Lake CPUs.
  • Improved RGB LED for monitoring module.
  • Support for devices and PCI express 4.0 controllers.
  • Support for C86 Mukti/Dhyana CPU.
  • Outstanding maintenance packages
  • Support for Matrix Orbital display.
  • Improved support for RAID controllers.
  • Detailed info of any system.


AIDA64 Extreme helps in monitoring programs and application having support for emails. It also provides a reliable solution for users who are in search of correct information about their software and hardware on their PC. As a result of its benchmarks, it can be used to evaluate the state of different programs.

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