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If you are currently using Windows 7 and Windows 8 on your computer, then I’m pretty sure you have seen the ‘Get Windows 10’ notifications. Needless to say, it can be annoying to keep getting those pop-ups, regardless of the number of times you tried to disable or delete it.

What GWX Control Panel is offering, will be appealing to Windows PC users who are tired of getting asked to those annoying Windows 10 updates as well as the nagware.

How Can GWX Control Panel Boost Your PC?

First things first, in case you are searching for GWX stopper, then you should probably know that the name was changed and it is now called GWX Control Panel. It’s one and the same software, so you are in the right place. They have the same set of features and designated function, only, different names.

With that being said, the GWX Control Panel is a lightweight tool that will not slow down your computer’s performance or take up too much memory space. It has one precise function, which is to get rid of annoying Windows 10 updates and any other nagware for Windows 10. It enables you to configure and exit the ‘Get Windows 10’ tray app which keeps popping up on your PC's screen while the previous versions of Windows - 7 or 8, is still running on your system.

This lightweight application is equally easy-to-use as it comes with a small window that can be moved around the screen to avoid screen interferences. The control panel window contains a tiny footprint which makes it highly secure. It also provides the option to upgrade notifications and enable the icon if ever the need arises to move onto Windows 10.

If your PC is still running on the Windows 7 and 8 operating system, it is very likely that you still encounter the ‘Get Windows 10’ system tray app. Well, the good news is that this particular software has been programmed to help you successfully configure and exit the ‘Get Windows 10’ system. You can remove the icon temporary by closing the ‘Get Windows 10’ tray, you can also permanently remove the icon by disabling the ‘Get Windows 10’ tray, or you can disable Windows 10 upgrades altogether.

Key Features of GWX Control Panel Include:

  • The ability to disable the ‘Get Windows 10’ icon temporary;
  • The ability to remove the ‘Get Windows 10’ icon permanently;
  • Users can completely remove Windows 10 upgrades;
  • Lightweight tool;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Has a secure and tiny footprint.


This user-friendly software simply makes it easy for you to exit the ‘Get Windows 10’ pop up and goes ahead to give you the option of moving on to Windows 10 if you so wish.

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