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SyncToy is a tool that allows you to copy, move, and synchronize various directories with ease.

Why should you give SyncToy a try?

To begin with, the tool is simple to install. However, it requires NET Framework and Microsoft Sync Framework to be installed properly.

When it comes to synchronization, you need to create a pair of folders if you don’t want to use existing ones. After you choose the folders, you should choose the type of synchronization to be performed.

You can synchronize the content completely; this means that all the files can be found in both folders.

An echo mode is used for new and updated files so that they are copied to the right folder. A contribute mode does the same but without removing duplicate items.

You can change the settings once you are through with the task. You can configure file filters and whether or not include subfolders, exclude read-only, hidden, and system files. A preview mode can mimic actual synchronization so that you can see if everything is configured properly.

The software works offline and comes with a helpful wizard to ensure you get everything done correctly.

Main features:

  • Helpful wizard.
  • Works offline.
  • Configurable settings.
  • Manage multiple sets of folders simultaneously.


To sum everything up, it is safe to say that SyncToy is a practical utility that allows you to deal with copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories with ease.

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  • Version: 2.1
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