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WinDirStat allows you to view disk usage statistics on your Microsoft Windows computer. It can also serve as a cleanup application for some versions of Microsoft Windows. WinDirStat a system utility under the subcategory of file and disk management that helps you identify how much disk space you are using and what you are using it on.

How WinDirStat helps you

WinDirStat analyzes file directories or drives that you select and then provides you with a detailed display of all of your system's files. Each file type is assigned a colour depending on how much disk space It consumes, which allows you to have a quick knowledge of the particular files or folders that are consuming the most disk space. The ones that take up the most space on your computer are coloured blue by default, the second heaviest are red, and the third largest is green. After the first 10 colour labelled file types, the rest appear in grey, but the settings for these colours can be changed through the options menu.

The software shows the directory tree in different views: the directory list which is similar to Windows Explorer, the tree map which shows the whole contents of the directory tree, and the extension list which serves as a legend and displays file types' statistics. WinDirStat can automatically delete files without bothering of the recycle bin.

It is compatible with different versions of Microsoft Windows. There are a number of languages that are supported in this version, like Finnish, Danish, Russian, Estonian, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, and Dutch.

Features of WinDirStat

  • Displays a list of detected file extensions, and the amount of space each file extension takes up;
  • Each extension has its own colour, by consumption size, on the graphical map;
  • It can scan internal, external and network drives;
  • Send report via email;
  • Automatically delete files;
  • Informative visual display of hard drive usage.

In Conclusion

WinDirStat is a handy tool that you do may not know its importance until when you have used it. Now you have control over what fills up space on your hard drive, and what you can do about it. This software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

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