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ZXT2007 Image to PDF is a very effective tool to convert images to the PDF format. The software works very fast and you can easily get a PDF file from basically all image formats. You might need PDF format files for various reasons. For example, employers prefer to receive resumes in PDF formats. Also, printing documents is  more convenient if these documents are in PDF format. All in all, there are many situations when you need exactly PDF, or when having PDF is more convenient. On  the web, there are a lot of online converters, but these converters have several disadvantages. They have limits and they mostly work only with two or just several formats, while there is a great solution to convert images to PDF even when you are offline. ZXT2007 Image to PDF gives you a wide range of advantages when it comes to t converting. 

Moreover, this user-friendly piece of software with the intuitive interface will not be a problem  even for users who work with such programs for the first time.

Why Use Image to PDF?

The first and one of the main advantages of ZXT2007 Image to PDF is a wide range of formats supported by the app. The list of formats includes BMP, WBMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, PSD, ICO, PCX, TGA and many others.   It is very useful because you can convert all the images, no matter what format they are. And, as  mentioned previously, you don't need the Internet connection to do this, because the program operates  offline.

Another important point is batch processing that can be accomplished  using ZXT2007 Image  to PDF. It means that you can merge multiple images into a single file. Batch processing is intended to save your time, so you should not convert each image individually. The program does not affect the system performance and does not impair  the quality of the images. Moreover, you can use the tool to choose the compression method and paper size.

Key features include:

  • The application supports basically all formats of images
  • Batch processing
  • User-friendly application   with an intuitive interface
  • The tool works fast and you can process conversion offline


All in all, ZXT2007 Image to PDF is a good example of software to convert Images to PDF format. Unfortunately, you have to be very careful during the installation, because it offers to download some third-party applications that you might not need. But, for the rest, ZXT2007 Image to PDF is definitely a very useful lightweight application that is  designed to make your life easier. With a huge number of supported formats and the batch processing option, ZXT2007 Image to PDF should be tried for sure.

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