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Thousands of users depend on ClipMate every day, and it is often the first program that they install onto a new computer. And although the Windows Clipboard works great for cutting and pasting only one item at a time, you usually need to work with more than one item or clip. Or you may have to edit, spell-check or even reformat your data before pasting. Or you may need a way to store and organize large chunks of data (ClipMate can hold thousands of clips). Whatever the case may be, ClipMate might be your best bet.

ClipMate is a tool that enables you to extend the functionality of the Windows Clipboard. It is a powerful and full-featured program that will record your clipboard history and helps you to save and manage clips more efficiently. It comes with an intuitive interface, allowing you to comfortably handle your clips together, encrypt them with passwords or export them to different formats such as JPG, XML, BMP or JPG. 

Why Should You Use ClipMate?

ClipMate makes you more productive and saves time by adding clipboard functions that the Windows keyboard omits such as holding tons of clips instead of just one at a time. The application has functions to edit, combine, and manage your clipboard data. It also can print, reformat as well as spell-check. It also contains features that allow the sharing of clips among multiple PCs. 

ClipMate also has a multi-monitor screen capture and powerful drag and drop and integration with the taskbar. The application also makes pasting your data more accessible than ever before. ClipMate remembers every single thing that you cut or copy to the clipboard. It also works with all Windows program s that work with the clipboard. The ‘searchable database’ can hold thousands of clips in text, RFT, HTML as well as Bitmap format. The ‘shortcuts’ place the regularly used clips within easy reach for quick re-use. With the ‘Power Paste’ feature, you can quickly paste a series of clips or break complex data apart using line break, comma, etc. The new ‘paper saver’ feature lets you print numerous small clips, as many as you want, be it text or graphic.

It extends the functionality of the Windows clipboard by allowing you to keep an unlimited number of clips (clipboard history) for future use. Also, you can seamlessly sort, delete, find, and print any of thousands of clips. Occasionally, you might want to paste without all the formatting that usually comes with clipboard data. Have you ever had to retype data from a webpage simply because you didn’t want to corrupt your documents with styles and tables from some web page? If yes, when you click on ‘Win+W key, ClipMate will immediately ‘filter’ the clipboard to be plain text. 

The application is straightforward to use. Just double-click on a clip in the clipboard history list (Clip List), and it is pasted right where you were working. Or you can drag and drop data from ClipMate into the target. ClipMate also has integration with XP and Vista taskbars for easy access and visibility of the “top clip.” The application works all Windows programs that work with the clipboard. Any software that can use the Windows clipboard can work with ClipMate. You need to know that the clip database can easily be backed up in case of disaster. ClipMate also induces an advanced search option that makes it possible for you to find any clip by applying various filters. You can also search for clips by format, source URL, time, title, creator, encryption status, etc. Additionally, the program allows you to convert text case, remove line brakes, etc. 

Key Features of ClipMate Include:

  • Powerful spell checker and case conversion
  • Adds functionality to the Windows Clipboard by letting you keep an unlimited number of clips 
  • Free for 30 days
  • Offers secure encryption for your data
  • Can be placed on removable drive and used on any machine without leaving traces behind


ClipMate is a great tool which expands the functions of the Windows Clipboard. With ClipMate, you can copy all the elements that you want and save them in the clipboard. When you start to use ClipMate, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. However, it integrates a lot of advanced options which are suitable for more experienced users.

What's new in 7.5.26 Build 136 version?

Bug fix:

  • Interface - ClipBar still ugly on some themes


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  • Last Updated: 2019-10-01
  • Developer: Thornsoft Development Inc
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  • Version: 7.5.26 Build 136
  • File size: 7.5 MB
  • Downloads: 2,226
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: ClipMate_7526_136.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: b1fcd31732c0e553d4087f79c2a60604