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TRANSDAT is a shareware that is developed to assist users in converting spatial data from coordinate reference systems.

How is TRANSDAT Beneficial to Users?

This application is lightweight and straightforward to use. The interface is nothing sophisticated; however, it gets the job done. Also, you should know that first time users without prior knowledge in spatial data transformation may find this software a tad bit overwhelming; however, there is a Help wizard on the toolbar to help you adjust to the program well.

The primary task of this shareware is to provide accurate calculations of coordinates based on the longitude and the latitude of that location. Furthermore, the application can equally convert coordinates easily. Another appealing feature of this application is its ability to carry out batch processing of files and data.

TRANSDAT has built-in reference systems for most European countries, as well as for Canada and the United States. Using this reliable software,  coordinates that can be input and defined with various methods. You can filter out by country if you are sure, you can also use special parameters - the Helmert or Molodensky (Bursa / Wolf), as well as the general worldwide coordinates system to define your coordinates.

After downloading, installing, and launching this software, you will quickly understand where to input your coordinates. The main window is divided into two parts. Both sides have the same set of text boxes and options which are all customizable. The left side column is for Source Coordinates while the right side column is for your Target Coordinates.

This application doesn’t just calculate target coordinates, but it also transforms two-dimensional(2D) or three-dimensional(3D) Coordinates. TRANSDAT can allocate reference systems automatically as well as checking coordinate system ranges.

TRANSDAT supports NTv2 files and works perfectly with data files as well. Users can perform arithmetic operations and view system parameters all from this practical application. Other features supported by this software are User-defined Coordinates System, User-defined Reference Systems, as well as User-defined Ellipsoid.

With TRANSDAT, users can view the log file, as well as receive GPS data from their GPS devices or other sources. It is compatible with some of the popular mapping applications, such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, as well as Google Earth. TRANSDAT supports a myriad of file formats, including KML, CSV, ArcGenerate, ArcShape, TXT, dBASE, and SDF.

Key Features of TRANSDAT Include:

  • The ability to convert coordinates;
  • It can calculate target coordinates;
  • Supports OpenStreetMap, Google Earth, and Google Maps;
  • View the log file;
  • Supports User-defined Coordinate and Reference Systems;
  • You can view system parameters;
  • Option to use EPSG code;
  • Supports Windows operating systems;
  • Can receive GPS data from other devices;
  • Supports NTv2 files;
  • Supports various file formats, including KML, CSV, ArcGenerate, ArcShape, TXT, dBASE, and SDF;
  • Allocate reference systems automatically or manually;
  • Check coordinate system range;
  • Save your configurations for future projects;
  • Supports 2D and 3D coordinate transformations;
  • Uses Worldwide coordinate system, Helmert or Molodensky (Bursa / Wolf), as well as country-based methods to calculate and determine coordinates.


Overall, TRANSDAT is a pretty handy tool for determining coordinates of various locations around the world. It’s compatible with GPS devices and uses three main methods to define coordinates. You can convert coordinates and use them in the reference system hassle-free. It supports OpenStreetMap, Google Earth, and Google Maps. In case you cannot input the coordinates manually, you can easily upload a file with one of the supported file formats mentioned above to input the coordinates automatically.

What's new in 22.27 version?

  • Language file of Slovenia supplemented and actualized


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  • Developer: C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR
  • Homepage: www.killetsoft.de
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