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People who are not happy with their email client, because it is not set to support the Microsoft Outlook rich text format properly, should consider installing Winmail Opener. It is convenient to have this program when you receive email messages, which carry "winmail.DAT" attachments. Do not forget that every mail client handles this file format in a different way. If you can't view the hidden content of "winmail.DAT" attachments, there are two solutions: you can ask the sender to change the settings of Outlook or use the Winmail Opener Program to read easily such attachments. It is an efficient utility for translating TNEF encoded emails.

How Can Winmail Opener Be Useful?

Winmail Opener is a simple tool with a user-friendly interface. It can easily decrypt the .DAT file. The interface consists of two panes, the one you will use for the message body, while the other one is primarily used for the file attachments. If you want to open a winmail.DAT file, we recommend you to use the default computer browser or alternatively drop the data in the main window of the Winmail Opener program. The program is suitable for viewing different kinds of information, saving data to the HDD and using a command console. You must choose the DAT file and then view the detailed information, which is embedded in the TNEF file. You can view the mail subject, who the sender is, and the message itself, which you can save in the RTF file format to the desired location on your computer. It is possible to drag and drop the detected attachments to any location for keeping them on your computer. You can use the command console for running the Winmail Opener program. It is convenient to process several encoded emails at the same time. You can decode a file to save it as your email attachments without opening it.

The Key Features Are:

  • Supports RTF message content.
  • TNEF-encoded files can be drag-and-dropped into Winmail Opener.
  • Decoded attachments from Winmail Opener can be drag-and-dropped to the desired location.
  • Allows operating embedded attachments with standard system popup menu: Open/Open with/Copy, etc.
  • Supports command line mode.
  • A small size.
  • Features have low system requirements


Winmail Opener has been designed with simplicity in mind. It is a reliable multilingual program which is suitable for any type of user. If you face problems with an email client because it can't read the Outlook formatting instructions properly, install Winmail Opener, which comes in handy if you are searching for a solution to open encoded Outlook DAT email attachments.

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