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If you’re not entirely happy with the performance of your PC, downloading a driver manager for Windows is an opportunity to boost your system’s efficiency. This way, users are able to detect and delete all the unnecessary files, find out which programmes negatively affect their systems, and get advice on how to manage their computers properly for maximum speed.

SlimDrivers is a utility designed to improve the quality of hard drive management. It aggregates data from a user’s PC and calculates the optimal PC settings. The programme informs users of missing driver updates, advises on freeing up storage space, and runs disc utilities. A user can detect all the software that needs fixing and that is damaging to their system, delete web cookies and cached files alongside all the media files that haven’t been opened in a long while.

How Can SlimDrivers Boost Your PC?

The programme offers an impressively detailed analysis of each tool and how they influence your system’s performance. This way, you’ll find out which apps are hindering the system and decide if you’d rather delete or keep using them. Whenever users attempt to delete software that is well-rated by the community, they’ll get alerted. This protects you from accidentally deleting an important programme.

SlimDrivers is more than just a system manager as it also allows users to handle Internet browsers more efficiently. There’s a detailed report regarding every browser installed on your computer - including all the extension, default homepages, and others. Once you clean out everything you don’t need, the changes will be obvious right away - browsers will open more swiftly and work with a better pace.

SlimDriver has a ‘Shredding’ feature as well - deleting entire folders by overwriting their data with the new one. Users get to choose among three different settings - ‘Quick’ (one data overwrite), Safe (three overwrites), Thorough (seven overwrites), and Guttman (35 data overwrites).

SlimDrivers Main Features:

  • Reduces the time for PC optimization by thoroughly scanning your system;
  • Driver Update feature alerts users when a new driver update should be installed;
  • Helps improve the performance and battery life of your PC;
  • All the applications are rated by the community of users;
  • Both public Internet connections and home networks are monitored for malware. 


SlimDrivers is a PC utility for Windows that improves the system performance by helping the user identify unnecessary files and clean up storage spaces. The tool provides a better understanding of the impact each tool has on the performance of a device, as well as giving recommendations on achieving a top level PC performance.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-08-14
  • Developer: Slimware Utilities
  • Version: 2.3.2
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