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It is so much fun taking photographs with our loved ones: colleague, siblings, parent and so on. This may be at home, work, family gathering, or friend’s day out. Whichever way, photographs keep the memory coming back again. Perhaps, most times these pictures are not well-organized the way we wanted it to align on our PCs or we sometimes wish to depict it with a particle object or shape to make it more fun. We scroll endlessly through the picture gallery on our PCs in search of some particular pictures that are scattered across different folders. Maybe after attending a ceremony, we wish to collate and depict photos taken at the function with shapes, numbers, or objects that can relate to the ceremony to bring back the fun or appropriate memory. Whether you want to display a family or company event, show a sequence of events, or make a statement, colleges can help you communicate a wide range of messages.

ShapeX is a software application that impresses with its sheer simplicity and elegance approach. It makes documentation of pictures easy and much more fun, thus, helps in proper documentation of history in the process. ShapeX enables you to create custom photo collages in various shapes easily. You don’t need experience in graphic design or photography, either. It works by choosing the images to use for the collage and then click on different shape masks to instantly preview the results. Shape masks come in different collage styles, and collages can be stored in varying sizes before exporting to PNG, JPG or Photoshop PSD format.

 There are a lot of shape masks as well as collage styles in SpaceX. These shapes and collage styles also identify with our sensation and belief. People use different shape masks such as lion for bravery, an eagle for strength and positive vision to, maybe, encourage themselves in their day to day activities. To some, they want to assume a character, based on a story they were told, movie they saw, or novel that they read. ShapeX helps both adults and young to explore their creativity and innovating part of their lives. This is evident in the preparation of photo collages with pictures that share the same colors, shapes, patterns, or similar background for grouping. This, simply, aids amazing Artwork and Craft. It opens rooms for business as people create a beautiful piece of art using this software for financial purposes. It is also useful for people who work with social media a lot, thus, ease of work.

How does ShapeX works?

Most shapes are customized by adjusting image spacing, the number of images to use, image transparency, orientation, size, and so on. You can also use background color effects or a transparent background depending on your choice. All the photographs are automatically jumbled and shown in a collage as a preview in the main window. Under this preview lies a filmstrip where you can try the various shapes scattered across different categories. At the top-left corner of the PC are buttons for making tweaks, whether you want to adjust the number of tiny pictures, their sizes, orientation or white border thickness. Collage styles can then be used not neglecting white borders. Shadow or transparent background can be added too. Users then can use color dot, the bank of colors for users, to select colors of choice or rather customize using the custom menu bar to create their own.

ShapeX is a quick and unique image collage generator that creates one of a kind collages. It is fun, simple and fast, and provides several tools to enhance your photographs, too. Its graphic user interface gives an immediate impression of its easily discernible operation. Although there are alternatives to ShapeX such as Acorn, ShowFoto, PhotoSpills unlike them, ShapeX contains features (shapes and collage style) that are far from them. Math, logarithms, matrices, calculus, probability, energy-based gradient optimization, algebra, trigonometry, and other complicated topics are all used by Shape Collage to create these collages, so the things we learn in school is useful.

Key features of ShapeX include:

  • Making collages in any imaginable shape or form
  • Easy reskin of pictures is possible.
  • Presence of Admob Interstitial, Banner, and Native ads.
  • Twenty-four hours of Customer support.
  • Possession of creative shapes.
  • Photo Effect Editor. 
  • Ability to share easily on Social Media.


ShapeX is very easy to use, once you have figured out how it works and what each menu bars stands for. It produces high-quality results, including a wide variety of collage styles and shapes masks. It is the act of customization, and this can involve a little trial and error initially since none of the application buttons provide mouseover hints, and there is no documentation provided. However, once you master how it functions for a while, its simplicity becomes commendable.

What's new in 1.2 version?

  • Performance Update
  • Category Management


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-10-01
  • Developer: Dan Stromi
  • Homepage: www.reasyze.com
  • Version: 1.2
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  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
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