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VPN services are essential for privacy protection. You can hide your real location, access content that have location restrictions, and prevent your browsing activity from being monitored. 

VyprVPN hides your real location and ensures that your data can’t be leaked to a third-party server. You can choose between multiple locations, switching between countries or continents in one click. 

How Can VyprVPN Boost Your PC?

VyprVPN conceals your location and IP, protecting your privacy. In case you click on a potentially dangerous website, you will be safe with VPN because the tracker will receive the fake location. It’s also useful for overcoming location limitations. Some content are prohibited from viewing in certain countries, preventing users from visiting certain web pages. However, With VyprVPN, you can get around these geo-restrictions. 

Also, VyprVPN has a unique feature for zero-logging DNS managers - VyprDNS. Since the DNS files will log none of your personal information, you don’t risk them getting compromised. Even if your computer or online profile is hacked, the zero-knowledge policy will prevent hackers from accessing anything, simply because the tool doesn’t store logs. 

Another distinct feature is Chameleon - the metadata manager. A user can access prohibited websites, ignoring governmental and corporate restrictions. On top of that, there is no chance of anyone finding out about these accesses, since all the information is either removed or substituted. Your data becomes unrecognizable by DPI because VyprVPN acts exactly as a chameleon, adapting to any sort of restrictions. 

The tool is simple and intuitive, with a clear interface. If you have never installed or used a VPN software before, there shouldn’t be any problems. The tool is really straightforward and doesn’t require customization. Just create an account by entering a login and password, pick a location, and edit the privacy settings under ‘Settings’. 

On top of all these, VyprVPN is quite fast with powerful protection algorithms. The software uses 50 international server locations and 200,000 global IPs which significantly increases its speed and functionality.

VyprVPN Key Features Include:

  • Connect to various locations, selecting out of 50 international servers;
  • Protect your location, IP, and other sensitive information;
  • Use zero-knowledge DNS manager to avoid log recording;
  • Connect to 2-3 locations simultaneously;
  • Use the Chameleon feature to bypass restrictions set by governments or corporations;
  • Supports NAT Firewall and includes 10-50 Dump Truck Storages;
  • Supports all popular browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


VyprVPN is a secure VPN software that protects your location and other personal data, while also allowing you to bypass various restrictions. Enables you to access all content and websites without censorship. Also, you can choose between the Basic, Pro, and Premier version, each of which includes additional features. The tool works on a paid monthly subscription basis but you can download a 3-day free trial.

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