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It is no longer news that your internet activity can be monitored by your IT manager or internet service providers. They may be collecting your web traffic information which may be sold to the highest bidder. Government agencies may also be monitoring visits to certain sites among your other online activities. The need to protect your web traffic information as well as other digital data has led to an increase in the demand for VPN solutions. An average internet user wants the assurance that his/her activities online are kept private. Trust.Zone VPN offers online anonymity while you access your desired web content.

How Can Trust.Zone VPN Improve Online Anonymity on Your PC?

Trust.Zone VPN is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain online privacy by masking your digital identity. It ensures that you are not tracked by government agencies, your IT manager, or internet service provider. Most times while you browse, you get targeted ads that are tailored just for you according to your physical location. This is because the site can read your IP address and could bring you ads or products that are suitable for that region. Something similar happens with your internet service provider, just that they may choose to sell the data.

Trust.Zone offers complete anonymity as it does not log your web traffic while you surf the net on your computer. You get to enjoy the maximum speed with unlimited bandwidth allowed by your Wi-Fi network as you connect through several servers in different continents from North America to Asia. Users can also choose between several VPN ports like 22 (FTP Control), 80 (HTTP)and 443 (HTTPS), 1194 (OpenVPN), and 21 (SSH, SCP, SFTP) which assures you of encrypted internet traffic from any location.

It has an intuitive interface with features that are not difficult to use. You can configure the VPN to automatically connect whenever you launch the software. When connected to a server in your preferred location, you are assigned an IP address which allows you instant access to the online content that was originally blocked for your region. Once connected, your assigned IP address is displayed on the home screen. You can also view the VPN status which displays certain information like the server name, session time, uploads and downloads traffic and speed, among others. It is available in multiple languages like Russian, English, Turkish, and French.

Trust.Zone VPN Key Features Include:

  • Multiple servers across different continents.
  • Choose between several VPN ports like 22 (FTP Control), 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 1194 (OpenVPN), and 21 (SSH, SCP, SFTP).
  • Encrypted internet traffic from any location.
  • Auto-connect to your preferred VPN server.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Bypass regional content blocks.
  • View the VPN status information like the server name, session time, upload and download traffic and speed, among others.
  • Unrestricted speed and bandwidth.
  • No event logging.
  • Multi-platform support.


Trust.Zone VPN is also available on different platforms besides the windows operating system. It is an important VPN tool that offers considerable flexibility for internet users, making it a key security component that you should have on your computer.

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