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Kaspersky Password Manager is a handy utility that automates such common website actions as entering passwords and other data in corresponding fields and allows you to quickly sign in to any website. The program safely stores all your confidential data using a single master password, which saves you the trouble of both entering and remembering multiple passwords. Kaspersky Password Manager relies on cloud services for storing and synchronizing information, which ensures your information remains secure and intact.   

Why is Kaspersky Password Manager Worth Using?

Using Kaspersky Password Manager, you can be sure that all your data is stored in the encrypted format in the dedicated database, access to which can be granted only after entering a required master password. This method of data storage allows protecting your credentials and other sensitive information even in the event of loss or theft of the device on which Kaspersky Password Manager is installed.

You can choose which data to use to fill in lengthy forms and quickly enter your personal or business contact information.

You can also view the data stored in the database from any of your devices having Kaspersky Password Manager. Alternatively, you can access your Kaspersky Account and perform the above mentioned procedure from there.  

Moreover, Kaspersky offers you a convenient mobile version of its password manager. It can be downloaded from a thumb drive and run on any PC.

Key Features of Kaspersky Password Manager

As you know, Kaspersky Password Manager can be used as a reliable security tool, which generates individual strong passwords that are hard to crack and remembers your usernames and passwords, which allows accelerating the authentication process and entering required websites faster.

Other features distinguishing Kaspersky Password Manager from other password managers of its kind include:

  • Accessing your vault with a fingerprint on a mobiles version
  • Get Zero-Knowledge security option
  • Locate unprotected passwords stored in your browsers and import them into the encrypted password database
  • Ability to purchase one license and use it on various operating systems
  • Inputting your bank card details securely
  • Auto-detect option to quickly find files in a .doc format in your Photo Gallery
  • The system notifies you if you’re using easy-to-crack passwords
  • Ability to automatically clear all clipboards after using them
  • Effective protection against phishing attacks.


Kaspersky Password Manager is a handy utility that enables you to automatically enter usernames, passwords, and other credentials to various websites. Moreover, this program comes in handy for generating complex hard-to-crack passwords that prevent your sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

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