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In this digital world, protecting both yourself and your kids from various internet crimes and malicious sites, amongst others is an issue of great concern. For this reason, one must look for reliable ways for their kids to get the best from the internet instead of losing out completely on all the abundance of helpful and educative content as well. Technology today has given us the gift of amazing internet filter software that one can use in order to have full control over their kid's internet activities, and regulate things from wherever you may be. As such, concerned parents often resort for these tools in order to keep the balance. One such helpful solutions is what K9 Web Protection offers.

K9 Web Protection is a simple web filtering and web protection software that helps its users keep safe from various cyber and internet threats. K9 Web Protection offers a straightforward software solution that is essential, especially when you need to protect your computer against unforeseen Internet threats. The application is specially designed for users who need to get maximum protection and efficiency from their current antivirus program as K9 Web Protection offers the kind of efficient and reliable Internet filtering and parental control assistance which everyone can count on.

How Can K9 Web Protection Keep You Safe?

Because of the dangers of open internet connections, especially for children or for users who do not know exactly what malware, trojans, or other such threats mean, this application is perfect for them. There is a high chance that they might access some corrupt files which can be harmful to your PC, or even worse, steal your important files, or worse depending on the attack.

Hence, K9 Web Protection will guard your children against adult content and dangerous interactions while on the internet. The program will also protect you from scammers and other internet fraudsters. Also, K9 can protect your computer from spyware and malware attacks and also secure your organization from similar threats as well. Similarly, If you run a business corporation, this program can surely keep you safe and also keep your employees safe as well by preventing them from bringing any potential legal liability or security threats into your organization through the use of unsafe or corrupt USB flash drives, memory cards, CDs, and other such devices.

K9 comes packed with a ton of intuitive features that make the application stand out as a great resort for security and privacy. One of such features includes stern page blocking options. By default, if a child or anyone tries to log into a blocked site, the program will automatically display a warning page. On that page, you will find built-in administrator controls which will request for the parental supervisor password. Following this, if one has the password, they can be allowed access to the site or to the entire category for a specific time frame, or permanently. 

If you want to go easier with the restrictions, you can set K9 to omit the administrator options. This can be a suitable option for a computer that is being used only by the kids. Also, you can even set the program to bark when it blocks a site. This is useful, especially for "canine" Web Protection.

Another intuitive feature which K9 offers is the Time Out feature. When this is enabled, it has the ability to deny Web access for up to 30 minutes any time a child attempts ten blocked pages in the space of 10 minutes. You can also tweak the trigger between 5 and 50 attempted blocked pages within 5 to 60 minutes. Ultimately, the Internet time-out feature can range from a period of 5 minutes to a period of 24 hours, giving you all the security you need.

Like any other good parental-control product, K9 has the ability to filter the HTML stream before any data ever gets to the browser. The good thing here is that this feature works well with all browser types no matter which one you use currently. 

One thing that is praiseworthy about the time out feature is the fact that K9 does not rely on your computer clock (which can be compromised if the date and time settings are modified) — it gets the current time from its servers and has the ability to automatically adjust to the time zone that was active when you installed the program. This way, unauthorized users or children cannot reset the time out settings and try to access blocked content on the web. The only hassle here is that if you travel from one coast to another, or otherwise justifiably need to change your current time zone, you will have to uninstall and reinstall K9, period. 

Added to this, in K9's advanced configuration page, there is a default option to filter secure (HTTPS) traffic. You'll definitely want to leave this turned on because any parental-control product that doesn't filter secure traffic (and there are a few) has loopholes. Unauthorized users can simply try replacing HTTP with HTTPS in some unsuspecting URLs and by this means, sometimes reach sites that are supposed to be blocked.

Key Features of K9 Web Protection Include:

  • Website blocking.
  • Safe Search.
  • Ability to View Reports.
  • Time Restrictions. 
  • Custom List feature.
  • Categorization feature. 
  • High-level security abilities.
  • High-level encryption for Secure content.
  • K9 software supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • It is very easy to install on any device.
  • It provides cloud-based filter option.


This application is very handy for both corporate and private web protection. The application comes packed with a ton of useful features that make the process really easy to go about. Also, the encryption strengths for blocked sites are rigidly coupled with the time-out feature; this program definitely possess to be a hard nut to crack if one wants to illegally go around its security parameters making the application a good fit for security, privacy, and web protection.

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