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Microsoft is definitely a convenient suite with a robust collection of programs that cut across various aspects of business; Like Microsoft Excel for instance; an application package with the aptitude for handling billing and data management problems, to keeping track of inventory, finance, and business tasks, etc. most people prefer to encrypt relevant excel documents with passwords. Often, for the sake of security, you would have set a complex password which you can no longer remember, or a colleague might have set a password while working on a sheet and forgot to remove it on leaving – under normal circumstances, you should be stuck at this point, but fortunately, however, you can always use Excel Password Recovery, a safe and efficient tool for recovering Microsoft Excel Passwords on Windows.

Excel Password Recovery is a simple, lightweight program developed by eSoftTools, a company that develops Windows-based data recovery applications and tools for companies and businesses of all strengths – the application is equipped with different attack modes ranging from brute-force dictionary attack, etc., and supports all versions of MS Excel, – and is designed to recover Microsoft Excel Passwords on Windows devices using safe, secure, and efficient processes. Also, because of the flexibility of this application’s tools, the software is capable of retrieving Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access passwords as well.

How Can Excel Password Recovery Help You Recover Lost or Forgotten Passwords?

Excel Password Recovery has a straightforward and user-friendly interface which makes going around the application’s environment very easy. This makes it easy for anyone to use this application, including first-time users. To successfully recover your lost or forgotten Excel or Workbook passwords, this application makes use of three advanced methods: brute force attack, dictionary attack, and password known attack. Also, during recovery, Excel Password Recovery ensures that no database or information within the Excel file is lost or damaged.

Brute Force Attack: this method is basically a password cracking technique, hence the name, the Brute Force technique. In this technique, the program makes use of all possible number and character combinations that a particular password may contain. The only downside of this technique, however, is that it may take a longer time to crack and retrieve the password successfully. Dictionary Attack: this is another technique for recovering Excel passwords using this application. Basically, this technique recovers lost passwords utilizing a list of words that can be found in the dictionary. This method is useful if the lost password was based on a word that can be found in the dictionary. Password Known Attack: sometimes a user may remember most or some of the characters they used to create the password, they could make use of this method as this method can check if truly the details recalled are indeed correct or if anything is missing.

With the help of Excel Password Recovery, you can unlock files that were created using the older versions of Microsoft Excel. This means that users will be able to recover passwords from Excel files with older versions such as 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Through this medium, you can re-open Excel files of any version and retrieve their passwords, whether it is alphabetic, numeric, symbolic or alphanumeric. This application’s password recovery prowess is not only limited to Excel file passwords only. The software is also capable of retrieving lost or forgotten passwords for any other Access or Word file using the same software. Hence forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and other Microsoft products can all be retrieved as well.

Key Features of Excel Password Recovery Include:

  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Ease of use.
  • Sync with previous versions.
  • Advanced methods.
  • Brute attack.
  • Dictionary.
  • Password known attack.
  • Recover password of any excel file version.
  • Alphabetic, alphanumeric, or symbolic password recovery.
  • Facility to re-open excel file.
  • Fast, safe, and secure password recovery.
  • No information is lost during recovery.
  • No database is damaged during recovery.
  • Define password characters.
  • Define password minimum and maximum length.
  • Recovery access and word passwords.
  • 24-hour online support.


This application is a handy and efficient tool for recovering lost Microsoft Excel Password-lock file. The app is capable of recovering passwords from older versions of Microsoft Excel. However, the success rate/speed of the password recovery depends on Microsoft version in use, the type of password used, and yes, the overall complexity of the password itself.

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