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Thundersoft DRM Protection administrates copyrights on audio, images, and videos. For each uploaded file, the software generates a unique key that identifies the license. To authorize a user for media usage, you can bind the key to hardware - people without the key won’t be able to access the files. 

How Can DRM Protection Boost Your PC?

To create a key for each file, users need to go to the encryption settings first. Here, each file can go through custom and advanced customization. Basic settings allow creating an encryption key - you need to pay attention to the combination since it can’t be changed in the free version. Project ID keeps files from different batched separated. It makes file management much easier because you can sort objects by their IDs later.  Advanced file settings allow binding the key to a particular piece of hardware- you can choose between the hard disk, motherboard, and CPU. 

Files are added in the ‘Add Files’ panel. Here, you can upload media directly from your storage - the tool will transfer you to your file management software. Each file is displayed in a separate panel before the encryption. Along with the name, you can also see its format, duration, and resolution. The settings panel also shows the overall size of all added files. In Output settings, users can specify the location where the encrypted version of the file will be saved.d You can choose to overwrite the original object or create a copy on a dedicated folder. The output is confirmed before the encryption, so you’ll have a chance to change it on multiple occasions. 

Finally, after all files have been uploaded, it’s time to create a Play Password - the combination that will grant a receiver with file access. All you need to enter is the password itself and its expiry date. If you want to limit access to the specific hardware, add user machine code as well. 

Thundersoft DRM Protection Features

  • Define the preview mode for each media file;
  • Enable a full-screen preview mode;
  • Create and style a watermark - the settings edit the size, location, font color, and size of the mark;
  • In Anti-Copy Settings and Questions, users can set a list of criteria that file receivers have to meet to receive the file access;
  • Password blacklist allows you to prohibit all passwords that have been compromised in the past.


Thundersoft DRM Protection is a reliable media manager with customizable encryption. If you don’t have experience with setting password-based access limitations before, you can get the hang of the basic settings first. Professional user,s however, will find the customization options diverse. This versatility makes the utility useful for personal use as well as for business or education purposes.

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